ThiEYE T5 Edge 4K Action Camera With voice command technology Offered For Just $93.00(Coupon)

The ThiEYE T5 Edge 4K Action Camera is a unique action camera with a lot of features that is yet to be used by other manufacturers till date. The ThiEYE T5 Edge 4K Action Camera is embedded with a voice command technology which would allow you to control the camera hands-freely. The voice command technology would turn you from an amateur to a professional when it comes to digital photography experience. This Action Camera is currently available on lightinthebox for $112.99 but with the special Coupon Code: LITBTHIEYE you can get it for as low as $93.00. Lets quickly look into the features of this device.

ThiEYE T5 Edge 4K Action Camera: Action Camera With The Difference

The ThiEYE T5 Edge 4K Action Camera comes with a 2-inch ultra HD IPS screen that is built into the camera. This 2-inch ultra HD IPS screen is larger than the previous generation which allows easy set up of the camera, preview and plays back videos and photos. It sports a 14MP shooter and various photo modes such as the Single shooting, self-timer, photo burst, time-lapse photo and long exposure.

The ThiEYE T5 Edge 4K Action Camera voice command technology makes this action camera stand out in the market. This device responds to voice when pre-programmed voice orders are issued. All you have to do is to speak the word to the remote control device worn on your wristwatch and zoom, your ThiEYE T5 Edge Native 4K Action Camera responds accordingly.

This action camera sports a  4K 30fps videos with which you can record digital videos in action modes and capture detailed scenes with the best camera lenses in the photography market. And with this device, you can reduce to the minimum the possibility of shaking and blurred images with the ThiEYE T5 Edge Native 4K Action Camera’s Gyro stabilizer which operates at both 4K EIS and 1080P. With the ThiEYE T5 Edge camera, you can swivel the camera at a 360-degree angle. 

The ThiEYE T5 Edge 4K Action Camera is IP68 waterproofing casing certified, which would allow the action camera to withstand water immersion of up to 60 meters. Now the water surfers have gotten something to lay their hands on without fear of damage, thumbs up to ThiEYE T5 Edge 4K Action Camera

Main Features:
– Voice remote control ( only support English pronunciation, built-in 1 x 3V CR1632 battery ):
Speaker simple voice commands to the remote or presses the button on the remote can both drive your camera. The amazing voice command technology gives you hands-free control over your T5 Edge
– Native 4K 30fps videos:
Record 4K 30fps ultra HD video and capture the action in more details
– Built-in 2 inch ultra HD IPS screen:
larger than the previous generation for easy set up the camera, preview and play back videos and photos
– 14MP photos, various photo modes:
Single shooting, self-timer, photo burst, time-lapse photo and long exposure
– Gyro stabilizer ( EIS at 4K and 1080P ):
Minimize blurring and compensate for device shake to provide clear and stable images
– 360-degree swivel mounts and 1/4 inch threaded insert
Unique 360 degree rotating release buckle allows you to adjust different shooting angles, and 1/4 inch threaded insert connects to the tripod or selfie stick easily
– Distortion correction:
– Reduce or eliminate the distortion to get more natural shooting effect
– Long exposure:
You could record the filming orbit, waterfalls, car driver because of the extension of exposure time
– Waterproof up to 60m:
Equipped with a professional IP68 waterproof housing, T5 Edge’s waterproof up to 60m
– APP for remote control, edit, and share:
Connect your Android or iOS devices to action camera via ThiEYE Cam APP ( downloaded from official website or scan the QR code ), then you can set up the camera, and view, edit and share your videos and photos

Price & Availability : $93.00( Coupon : LITBTHIEYE)



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