TheOne Smart Keyboard Light Piano, the Xiaomi electronic piano

A new product of the Xiaomi Crowdfunding platform is manufactured in collaboration with TheOne brand

A new dedicated product has arrived for the fans of music, TheOne Smart Keyboard Light Piano, an electronic piano manufactured under the Xiaomi Crowdfunding platform in collaboration with the TheOne brand.

We already know that Xiaomi has a catalog full of products of great diversity since the company is not only dedicated to developing state-of-the-art smartphones but they are in charge of venturing into any kind of markets, and just yesterday the company revealed a new product: TheOne Smart Keyboard Light Piano.

TheOne Smart Keyboard Light Piano has a Bluetooth connection

TheOne Smart Keyboard Light Piano 2

This innovative keyboard has a classic design but features the latest technological trends, it has a total of 67 keys, incorporating two speakers in its body of 10 watts located on each side of the keyboard, a microphone output and its Bluetooth connection, which allows us to connect our Smartphone or tablet, this way we can synchronize the TheOne Smart Keyboard Light Piano to the application of ‘Guitar Hero’ in order to learn to play with style.

This new electronic keyboard can provide hours of entertainment for any user, it is quite versatile and comfortable, its dimensions are 920 mm long, 330 mm high and 100 mm thick and only weighs 5 kg. It is expected that soon the piano will be available in digital stores, it may come out to the market at a cost of $259.41 (€225) approximately.

Source: XiaomiToday En Español

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