The Year 2016, What’s next for Apple?

Apple, the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer. Who does not know about Apple? A world renowned company famous for manufacturing premium products like iPad, Macbook, iPod and the most important “iPhone”. The year 2015 was probably the best year for the company. So what if there were some defects in their products like in iPhone 6. But, they managed deal that problem. Apart from the issues, the international brand was still able to earn a net profit of $8.5 billion, in the fourth Quarter of 2015.

The past is in the past, but the question for now is “What’s next for Apple in 2016?”. As Apple always surprises us, it will continue to do so in this year by launching the traditional but more breathtaking and advance gadgets. These includes:

1) iPhone 7

There are many rumors that Apple will continue to increase the iPhone series by launching iPhone 7. Many iPhone fans will be quite delighted to know of iPhone’s 4 inch screen re-launching news.

The rumors somewhat confuses us but increases our anticipation, isn’t it? Some says iPhone 7 will have a whole new look, meanwhile other says it will have the same traditional look. But anyways, the famous vaginal discharge of iPhone 6 will be solved by using a new shell this time.


There are some most controversial rumors for iPhone 7. The first one is the cancelling of headphone jack, which means that users will have to use a Bluetooth headset or headphones using Lightning interface. While second and third are the introducing of dual-lens camera and  launching a waterproof iPhone.

Perhaps, we cannot totally rely on leaks and rumors. For the true to be revealed, we just have to wait and see.

2) Apple Watch 2

Another rumor comes…. the launch of Apple Watch 2. This seems to be true as it’s has been an year since the launch of Apple Watch. In order to continue the wearable category, a new watch should be introduced as the company can’t rely on old technology.

Expected that the new Watch will be more lightweight and will occupy a new and modern design. Yahoo! Finance senior editor Aaron Pressman said he would like to see Apple has improved the processor performance and extend battery life.

A fan made concept of Apple Watch 2

Sleep monitoring function is also controversial. Pressman said that Apple might try to improve these functions to make better the integration of it into the user’s daily life. Because Apple Watch at this point show drawbacks, which will not attract the customers.

3) iPad Upgrade

Don’t expect 2016 will be the year for a new iPad because in 2015, Apple just launched iPad Pro. However, many user may see some massive software updates, especially upgrading the app store. The company hopes to encourage application authors can launch more specialized (of course, this price thing …) applications. By doing this, you can get the maximum advantage of operations of iPad Pro’s larger screen, faster processing.


4) Will Apple stores become more tall?

Apple hired former retail network entity and Burberry’s Angela Ahrendts management in 2014. Due to this many people think that Apple’s stores have become more luxurious when in comes to decoration. In this regard, Pressman noted that Ahrendts is in some physical stores which are equipped with a more luxurious French-made wireless microphones, each worth $ 2,000. This seems to add more high-end luxurious accessories to play a role in the physical store sales.


5) Other surprises from Apple

Apple can increase investment in the field of virtual reality. They recently acquired a facial recognition technology company Faceshift. Faceshift is the company which was responsible for producing special effects in the latest Star Wars film. Currently Google, Samsung and even Facebook are increasing their investment in this field.


The company do not need or don’t want to get involve in too many things. This will only pressurize them to compete in the market for new products and retaining the old products. Pressman said that they may also introduce more interesting hardware, such as automatic cameras, door locks or lamps.

Overall, Apple this year will be very busy. But investors are more concerned about whether these new products will slump the company shares which have dramatically improved in the previous year.



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