Xiaomi Smartmi Electric Heater Now Available For $107.24(Coupon)

Smartmi is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, and have shown to be a well-trusted one as they have been releasing different products that have caused a lot of manufacturers to tighten their seat belt. After the release of the Smartmi humidifier, which is a device responsible for purifying the air found in the home, Xiaomi presents its new device related to intelligent heating in the home the Xiaomi Smartmi Electric Heater. Basically, we are talking about a new convection heater that adopting convection heating method, the air convection is formed, the indoor air is heated and the heating efficiency is increased. The room heats up naturally, making you feel comfortable.

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The Smartmi Electric Heater uses the classic conventional heating mechanism that avoids waste of heat by exploiting convective air movements, which, once heated, exits through a ventilation duct while the cold air pressure flows through the room. This product comes with two heating modes, which are 1000 W and 2000 W of power, with the ability to switch from one power to another at any time without having to turn off the convector.

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Talking about this double heating mode, the 1000 W mode is equivalent to saying that the heat generated will serve to maintain the heat present inside the room, and will become a small aid to other elements that generate heat. On the other hand, the 2000 W high-power mode allows you to efficiently heat the room in which you are in by setting different ambient modes.

It is equipped with an effective safety system that allows automatic shutdown of the appliance when high temperatures are reached that could trigger a fire, but also when the roller inside the appliance exceeds 45 degrees inclinations.

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Main Features:

  • Heat evenly, not dry, the air circulation flow distributes the heat evenly in the indoor space
  • Adopting convection principle, The heating efficiency is improved
  • Fe-Cr-Al alloy heating element, the heat sink rises to 120 degrees in 72 seconds
  • Double gear design, switching freely between 1000W and 2000W heating power
  • No Noise, no wind, no noise generated by mechanical vibration, automatic heat dissipation using air flow
  • Dual security protection, high-temperature outage, and Dumping outage
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 2000W

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  1. Hi,
    I want to get this Xiaomi smartmi heater but I have a feeling the app control benefit won’t work in Australia as I am unable to locate the device in the app.
    I already have this app for my roborock but it seems like the heater is only available for app control in certain regions.
    Please confirm or if you have any workarounds/fixes please let me know.

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