The Ultimate Comparison between Netflix and Hulu

Internet is full of surprises, and it has rightly been the most entertaining medium in the last decade take streaming service, for instance. It has changed the way we entertain ourselves and crave to watch everything online. Since there are a lot of streaming platforms out there so it feels so hard to decide which streaming sites you should subscribe, you eventually end up making tough choices. This write up will help you decide between two streaming giants and will compare them based on price, content, compatibility with devices, picture quality, and user-interface. Lastly, we will conclude every feature and will end up suggesting you one.

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So let’s see which has a bigger content library? 

A streaming service is worth little or nothing if it does not have the show or movie you crave for. The biggest faceoff between Netflix and Hulu is to see which one has a bigger content library.

Speaking in terms of quantity, Netflix surpasses Hulu by a fair margin. Netflix hosts some of the best movies and TV shows ever produced and spends $13 billion a year only to increase its library.

The quality of the content also exceeds one’s expectations, shows like Breaking Bad and Friends are still one of the finest in the TV industry. The streaming giant Netflix has produced some phenomenal art piece like Roma, which was nominated for Oscars, and the list goes on.

Hulu, on the contrary, has a lot of great films, and the best thing about it is its updated television content. There is also a Disney’s aspect to Hulu; since Disney owns 60% of Hulu, it seems to push Hulu in a big way shortly. You can find all the Disney’s property at Hulu contrary to that of Netflix.

Netflix doesn’t care-less about it; it already has a ton of high-profile content which it feels is enough for its users. 


This is the decisive point between the two. No matter how lucrative the features are, it all boils down to the price of the product.

Let’s put Hulu aside and talk about Netflix first. Its basic subscription costs $9 and allows you to enjoy it on a single device. The standard plan will cost you $13 and will upgrade your stream to HD. At $16 you will get 4K Ultra HD resolution with four simultaneous connections.

Meanwhile, Hulu’s basic subscription costs $6 per month but comes with ads which run at scheduled commercial breaks. If you want to watch the streaming without ads, then you need to pay $12.

It has been noticed that Hulu has been bombarding users with more and more ads, looks like the company wants people to switch to the premium plan once and for all. 

Compatibility with Devices 

If you have a smartphone, tablet, home computer a video game consoles or a streaming box, then you will be able to watch Netflix and Hulu without any inconvenience. Netflix and Hulu have customized apps on both the App Store and Plays store. If your hardware is extremely old or it is phenomenally obscure, then you cannot enjoy the perks of these streaming sites. 

Picture and Audio Quality

If you are an audiophile and love quality movie sounds then Netflix is your choice no here and there. You might need to pay some extra bucks for the high-quality stream, but it is worth it.

The basic Netflix subscription starts with $13 with which you can enjoy HD resolution while subscribing with $16 will give you 4K quality. Netflix also offers the famous Dolby Atmos soundtracks for some of its content in addition to 5.1 and 7.1 surround sounds.

Hulu streams are all in HD, but sadly it does not offer 4K resolution with any of its content. Moreover, Hulu programs only come with a stereo sound, so if you want to get a little fancy then skip Hulu, it won’t give you the feel you are looking for. 

User-Friendly Interface

Netflix and Hulu both are easy to use and work perfectly on all latest and old smartphones. The Netflix recommendation bot is amazingly perfect and enough to keep you stick on your smartphone. Hulu, on the other side, has a snappy interface which is fast and feels premium. If you have subscribed to HBO, then you can watch their service on various channels under a single package.

If you tend to rely on subtitles, then Netflix is your best bet and a perfect place to watch international movies and dramas. Moreover, if you are keen on parental controls, then you should prefer Netflix as it includes an option to block particular profiles to a certain type of content with a particular rating (PG). So if you are worried that your subscription will lure your kids into binge-watching television series or movies, then Netflix is a safer option. 

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If you are a cinephile and are looking for complete entertainment right in your bedroom or TV lounge, then Netflix is your best bet. Not only its surround sound makes it equally compelling, but the immersive experience of watching 4K ultra HD spices up the experience.  So if you are not a Netflix user, then you are seriously missing out.

Hulu and Netflix are the two top streaming giants for a reason. They both are full of the latest content, if you can settle for both, then it is perfect, but if you have to choose one, then Netflix should be your bet.


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