A  new staunch product has arrived for music lovers, the one smart keyboard light piano. It is an electronic piano manufactured under the Kickstarter platform Xiaomi in collaboration with The One brand. The One Smart Keyboard Light was created by The One. The company has created a product, and the role of Xiaomi in this cooperation is marketing and distribution. We all know that Xiaomi is a brand with a lot of products not only devoted to smartphones but they are endeavoring into any markets, and in October company divulge a new product that is The One Smart Keyboard Light Piano.

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This piano is smart as well as intelligent too. It is a heart throbbing piano with lots of modern feature in it. Not only in features it also has the mind-blowing design which pulsates the heart of all users. Many other piano keyboards are there in the market, but this one is different from others. There are a lot of different and exciting features in it which makes it far much better from others. The other specialty of this piano keyboard is it is cheap according to its amazing features. It is the large and peculiar product in the market with lower prices. It is an alluring product which attracts people of all age group not only kids, adults as well as older adults. So this is wide varying smart music lovers product.




This ingenious keyboard has a classic design with features of latest technologies trends. There are only three buttons, and a knob on the case used to change the volume and tone, among other things. It has a total of 67 keys which makes the musical sound. It is also organizing two speakers in its body of 10 watts located on each side of the keyboard. Its dimensions are 920mm long, 33mm high and 100mm thick and weigh only 5 kg. In the upper hand, there is also a type of stand or place where we can put notes, tablet, and others in that place. It is noteworthy that this chamber is quite the size of the Ioad.  This piano does not just produce only the piano sound but incorporates database up to 128 tools that are expandable to 417 also through the enthusiastic application. The design of this piano is completely proficient and inspired by the top models used in the great stars concert on the musical scene.

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One Light Keyboard

There are thousands of sheet music from which we can learn music for free. It has powerful built-in speakers and a 128- note maximum note polyphony.  Challenge yourself and try to score higher points by hitting light up keys in rhythm to match accompaniment music. The keyboard with compact design is only 11 lbs and will fit on the desk with ease. It is designed to provide anywhere as this is space saver product and handy too. So this is an impeccable and immaculate product in the market.




It also has a Bluetooth connection. There is MP3 playback from external sources and possibly as a sound base. This Bluetooth connection allows us to connect our smartphones or tablets, this way we can harmonize The One Smart Keyboard Light to the application of “guitar hero” to learn to play with style. It has a microphone output, and AUX IN or OUT supports a pedal function.  This electronic keyboard can provide hours of entertainment for any user, and it is quite versatile and comfortable. It is not only a smart object as well as intelligent. It makes you easily learn music in modern style with intelligence.


The companion software of this product is equipped with AI technology and can detect notes at the moment and then report the errors through exercises aimed at evaluating user’s music techniques. It can accurately record the pitch, rhythm, speed, etc. It also generates evaluation reports to help you find problems and improve the productivity of practicing the piano. The vast music library in the cloud,  the real music scores are updated in real time. All types of music are updated from time to time,  either it is traditional, western or popular hits. Genuine fun spectrum is like a real-time update. You are free to switch the staff to play the team. Or waterfall mode flow exercises. No teacher is there. Now everyone can learn the piano or music lessons by itself. Favorite tracks can also be played anytime and anywhere means that this is also the portable device.  These stunning features are new in the market which is not available in any of such piano.

One Light Keyboard

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ONE SMART KEYBOARD LIGHT PIANO connection support in different higher level updates. It supports in ios as well as Android. In ios, ONE SMART KEYBOARD LIGHT PIANO supports ios9.0+ devices include phone 5 and above a new model. In the case of Android, it supports Android 4.4+ and all the android devices that support USB HOST or OTG either pad or phone. Rather than this it also supports computer. In computers, it supports USB MIDI computers. This keyboard saves our time too. The ONE SMART KEYBOARD LIGHT PIANO also connects to a mobile device to shorten the piano learning process from minutes to months too. With the synced LED lights on the keyboard, a beginner musician can start to play music in minutes. There is one mind-blowing feature that there is an app related to this smart electronic keyboard. And the functionality of this app is this is free and easily connect to nearby One Smart Light Keyboard Piano. Just download the app “The One Smart Piano,” you can begin with the crash courses and learn a song in minutes or choose a gaming mode with arcade style scoring.


Choose from thousands of sheet music to learn, from classical to pop, jazz and blues, and much more. Use ‘auto-play’ to learn the melody, or ‘A-B repeats’ to focus and practice. There is also one feature which helps a lot to showcase your ability to learn piano. You can record your piano tunes and can share on facebook anytime. It is another fantabulous feature of The One Smart Piano.

One Light Keyboard



Over  100 free video lessons are integrated with lights can help you learn from them to more advanced topics. Pause, Rewind or Slow down any sections during the lesson section to hold everything at your own proper pace. The ONE SMART KEYBOARD LIGHT PIANO doesn’t equal to endless practicing. It also can be fun with games. Experience the real-time guitar hero. Challenge yourself, and you can score higher points by hitting light up keys in rhythm to match accompaniment music. The keyboard with compact design is only 11 lbs and will fit on the desk with ease. The most critical and fascinating feature of this smart electronic piano keyboard is the built-in headphone socket. In now generation, everyone uses headphones as all individual are the different taste of music. So with this perspective, there is a headphone socket in this.

For your concern, the package content also contains the user manual. People who are not aware of the working of the smart piano can efficiently operate the keyboard. Android has already made the user interface easy, and user manuals make it easier.

One Light Keyboard



THE ONE SMART KEYBOARD LIGHT PIANO is an unambiguous product where you can quickly learn the piano. The user can quickly determine the piano by its own. There is no need for music teachers now to learn the piano.


The product works on an android as well as ios. So, this gets significant value in the market as soon as it gets deployed. The number of these kinds of the piano is still not in the market.   Hence, it is clear that the value of the product is much as compared to the other piano keyboards. Here again, technology comes into discussion.  Better technology leads to much demand.  The China brand product is available in many shopping sites. But Amazon is the best significant website to get the product at a reasonable rate In Amazon you will get the same product at $ 219. Here the amount differs. But you need to see the reviews and buy it accordingly.

One Light Keyboard

It’s time for your decision that you want to buy that old piano keyboards at higher prices and fewer features or this smart electronic with these a lot of features in it. You can never rely on the reviews to buy a product. But according to my recommendation and the ratings of this product on different sites, I can make sure of that this product is not going to perturb you.

Coupon: GBTH29SKF


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