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We are very happy to announce that on October 31st, Honor brought us a brand new smartwatch, the  Honor Watch. The Honor Watch has made breakthrough innovations in almost every aspect you can imagine, such as the fuselage, battery life, positioning and more.

The Honor Watch has met many consumers’ expectations after it was released. So, what is the performance of this Honor Watch? If you want to investigate the features of this new smartwatch in details continue reading our review.

 HONOR Watch

Let’s look together.

The Honor Watch: Appearance and design

First look at the appearance, the Honor Watch is equipped with a round dial. Nowadays most smartwatches have the square design. Thus a round dial design of the smartwatch will make it look more close to the traditional watch.


The Honor watch has a 1.2-inch body AMOLED screen, with the screen resolution of 390*390. This size is very large in the current smartwatch field. Since the large size of the Honor Watch screen, its density is 326PPI. This helps the smartwatch to reach the retina level display effect, and there is no need to see the watch content.


Regarding body material, Honor Watch uses 316L cold forged stainless steel, CNC cutting process in the key groove, C angle and other details. Being powered with the above-mentioned details the Honor watch looks very delicate and elegant.

 HONOR Watch

In our review, we are going to show the testing results for a moonlight silver version.  This version is bright and beautiful, and the fashion is versatile. The strap material is leather. However, note that for the leather strap you need to pay an additional $ 20. The Honor watch also comes in a lava black color with a silicone strap. This version looks more sporty, and it is more suitable for fitness lovers. The Honor watch features an ultra-thin design with a dial thickness of only 9.8 mm and a dial weight of only about 32.5 g (without a wristband). It is so thin and lights that it can’t even be felt on the wrist.


For the strap, as I have already mentioned the Honor watch features a fusion of silicone and leather straps. To ensure skin-friendly texture and comfort, Honor watch is made of silicone material close to the skin, which brings sweat and softness. On the outside of the strap,  Honor watch uses Italian natural high-quality leather strap. The cut is sewn on the surface of the silicone and looks full.

The Honor Watch: Connection & Interaction

The connection method of Honor Watch is very simple and user-friendly. There is no need to be a technology guru to be able to manage the smartwatch application. When the Honor Watch is just turned on, it will prompt you to download the Huawei Sports Health App, and then there will be a tutorial to guide you step by step. And if you have already finished the Huawei Sports Health App, just click Add Device – Watch – Honor Watch, and then find the device connection, it is very simple.

The honor watch

In the course of operation, Honor watch is also easy to learn. Click on the button on the side or lift the wrist, and the Honor Watch will light up. In the bright screen interface, we can slide the dial, the weather interface, the sports counting interface, and finally the Alipay payment QR code (this needs to be bound to the mobile Alipay App first), so that we have to watch the sports situation, the weather and even manage a payment with it. All you need is to slide down the screen; it is very convenient.

The HONOR Watch

The Honor Watch screen slide is a shortcut menu bar; we can enter the settings, find a mobile phone, or turn on the do not disturb mode. Clicking the side button down button will directly enter the sports mode, from which you can directly open the sports mode to start the sport.

The Honor Watch: Sports function

Regarding hardware, the Honor watch uses three major satellite positioning.

Three satellite positioning in China using GPS + GLONASS + Beidou. Overseas use of GPS + GLONASS + GALILEO, with three satellite positioning blessing, the HONOR Watch has higher usability, accuracy, and completeness. With software tuning, however Honor watch can not traverse the navigation track in complex scenes, it can accurately restore the motion track.


The Honor watch is equipped with many useful features for sport/fitness lovers. It comes with nine sports modes such as indoor running, outdoor running, indoor cycling, swimming in the pool, and even mountain climbing. Moreover, you can run out with the Honor watch, and find that it can monitor your sports time, average pace and calories, and even there is a possibility to see the data such as stride, exercise situation. At a glance, very practical.

 HONOR Watch

The Honor Watch is powered by Huawei’s TruSeen 3.0 technology for continuous heart rate monitoring. Also, with Huawei’s TruRelax technology and support from the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the watch provides 24-hour blood pressure monitoring and will suggest users breathing exercises to help them keep calm with real-time feedback. Further, you will see the test results for this feature.

The Honor Watch: Endurance

If you are more or less informed about the smartwatches, then you are aware of their small lifetime of a battery. Lifetime has always been the “pain” of smartwatches, limited by the size of the fuselage; smartwatches cannot accommodate large batteries.

 HONOR Watch

The average smartwatch will be out of power for up to two days, but this Honor watch has broken our perception. The Honor watch adopts a high-performance chip + high-efficiency chip dual-chip architecture. The software of the Honor watch uses a smart power-saving algorithm, so the Honor watch can intelligently distinguish between dynamic scenes and static scenes. If the sports scene is monitored, the Honor watch will use high-performance chips to work normally; if it is a static scene such as a screen, Honor watch will use high-efficiency chips, and the combination of soft and hard will escort the Honor watch.

 HONOR Watch

According to our actual use. At 1.36 in the morning, I went to sleep with the Honor watch. At this time, the power was 42%. I woke up at 6 in the morning and got out of bed. When I arrived at 23.30 in the evening, there was 25% of electricity, which means that I spent 17% of electricity in 22 hours. Life is still very powerful.

The Honor Watch: Monitoring

The Honor watch uses PPG module on the back, bringing Huawei’s TurSeenTM heart rate monitoring technology, and is supported by Huawei’s 2012 lab. In the continuous improvement of detection algorithms, the Honor watch measurement accuracy is also getting higher and higher. TruSeenTM 3.0 heart rate monitoring enables heart rate monitoring in different modes, such as exercise heart rate and resting heart rate. Whether you are resting heart rate or running to see real-time heart rate, Honor watch can output seconds.


In addition, the Honor watch also supports HUAWEI TruSleep sleep detection technology, which can accurately detect sleep time detection and sleep structure. It has the certification of the CDB Center of Harvard Medical School. I wore  Honor watch to sleep. It monitor my total sleep time is 5 hours and 43 minutes. Thus I wake up 4 times during sleep, scored only 72 points, indicating that sleep is not good. The  Honor watch also gives a moderate-intensity exercise that lasts 3-4 times a week, which is helpful for the quality of sleep. It seems that I have to exercise more.

The Honor Watch: Main features

Appearance: round dial, thin design, creating a high value

Connection and Interaction: Easy to connect and easy to interact

Sports function: three satellite system positioning and 9 sports modes

Endurance: one charge per week, endurance lasting

Monitoring: real-time heart rate monitoring and precise sleep monitoring

It is rated at 5ATM water resistance, has NFC and supports Huawei Pay(AliPay and bus cards).

Huawei’s TruSeen 3.0 technology for continuous heart rate monitoring.

TruSleep 2.0 monitors 8 different sleep data. GPS, GLONASS, and Compass/Galileo.


The Honor Watch: Conclusion

In this way, the Honor watch not only has a round dial, high-profile value of light and thin design, but also has three satellite system positioning + 9 sports modes. Sports functions are powerful and useful too. Most worth mentioning is that Honor watch has a powerful battery life of one week, which will undoubtedly solve the biggest pain point for consumers to use smartwatches. Therefore, in general, the Honor watch can be described as a combination of talent and beauty, it is worth buying.

This new item accepts pre-order now, which will be shipped on 15th of November.

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