Petey vid review: Best privacy focused video search engine for you

petey vid is a multi lingual video search engine which cares about your privacy

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In this digital internet world, we have so many options for video search engines but, they give you only featured and trending content not everything you want. Sometimes, it comes to your privacy and at that time you wish for a search engine that gives you everything you want without revealing your privacy then Petey vid is the only option for you.

Petey Vid is not like other video search engines such that it gives its users a lifetime experience that is both broad and privacy maintained. There are various video web search engines present over the web, yet the issue with them is that they just lean toward demonstrating YouTube results. Dissimilar to other video search engines, Petey Vid isn’t restricted to the YouTube query items yet, in addition, recommends the non-YouTube joins which give a wide scope of the alternative choices to the users.

The main reason for launching the Petey vid is privacy. As we know that whenever you search something, your IP address gets recorded and your privacy might be revealed but, in case of Petey vid, you are safe to search any video content without any restrictions and without revealing your IP address as it is wide, safe, unique and secured just because it’s private.

It has so many features that you will love. It has a separate hashtag page on which you can see the popular trending hashtags videos on the daily searched basis videos and you can search also by the hashtags like,#popular, #funny,#beautifulvibes and many more type so that if you don’t know the name of the video, you can search via hashtags.

It has so many options to give the users the best and perfect. It has a duration filtering option in which you can search video on the basis of duration, grid/list view option and the option of newest to oldest videos searching. Petey vid is the best and right option for video search engines, as it gives,  best,   unique,  wast and privacy maintained perfect videos search engine without interesting and unique filtering options.

To know more you can go petey vid.com for other information and searching videos.

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