Teclast X10 Plus Tablet Review – It’s Your Choice

When we talk about technology, there is a fine line between what we want and what we get, considering the innovations on the market. Today, everything is about progress, development, and happiness. The tech industry is growing each day, and we are witnessing more opportunities and higher hopes. You want to choose; you lust for better control over your obligations, and leisure as well. With almost 1 billion users worldwide, tablets sound like a right decision. The tablet market is overcrowded, but we are always here to pick the best products for you. Today, we are reviewing an affordable and sophisticated device, Teclast X10 Plus tablet. It may get close to your needs, but to avoid jumping to any conclusions, let’s take a look at general specs.

Teclac X10 Plus Tablet on the white backgroundDisclaimer – We’re temporarily unable to deliver images of the device (replaced by the pictures from the company’s official site), but only the camera samples. This will be fixed soon. XiaomiToday Team


Brand Teclast
Model X10 Plus
Available colors Silver
Screen size 10.1 inches
Display resolution 1280×800
OS Android Lollipop and Windows 10
Chipset Intel Cherry Trail Z8300
CPU Quad Core 1.44GHz, Up to 1.84GHz
GPU Intel HD Graphics Gen 8
Internal memory 32GB, SD card up to 128GB
Bluetooth Yes, v4.0
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, HDMI
Battery Li-Ion, built-in battery
Battery size 7200 mAh
Front camera 2 MP
Back camera 2 MP


Teclast X10 Plus package comes in a standard white cardboard box with company’s logo, bar and QR codes on it. It includes the tablet, USB cable, charger and two user manuals written in English and Chinese language. It is quite similar to other packages on the market nowadays. It weighs 1.100 g, and the tablet is separated from the other parts. The packaging is very well assembled indeed. No headphones arrive in the packaging, but that’s easy problem to solve – just check out the link below:

Here are some great & affordable headphones for your tablet

Here are the contents of the packaging:

Teclast X10 Plus x1
USB cable x1
Charger x1
User manuals written in English and Chinese x2

Teclast X10 Plus Design and Build Quality

The device has an exceptional and fashionable look. White and gray metallic color are combined with sophistication in mind. X10 Plus is made of polycarbonate, making it easy for cleaning and maintenance. It feels natural and light under your hands with its 0.580kg. If you are fond of the simple and powerful look, you will enjoy it for sure. On the front side, there is a primary camera and a wide display. There are no capacitive buttons, so you use the tablet touching the screen directly – the standard Android buttons fade and reappear after a slight touch. The white frame has broad bezels, to provide the comfortable usage. It does feel like a comfortable and functional when holding in hand.20160525112921_72830

The beautiful silver back side comes with a camera on the upper left side and a brand’s logo at the top midsection. Also, there is an Intel’s logo with the model’s name right below it. We can see a very well embedded speaker on the right side with high sound quality. The smooth material enables you one hand operation, and it won’t slip from your hands. Quite practical and safe, don’t you think?Teclast X10 Plus Tablet Backside on the white background

The sides of the device exude with the modern and minimalistic look, and all ports are located there. At the top (depending on how you hold the device), there are a power button and microSD card slot, enabling you to extend your tablet’s memory. On the right side, there are a lock and volume control buttons so you can adjust your speakers. On the left side, there are USB 2.0, 3.5mm audio jack, and HDMI ports. Teclast X10 Plus Tablet on the white background

At the bottom, there is a magnetic docking for easy keyboard input which will serve you just fine when you need some typing done.
Teclast X10 Plus Tablet with black keyboard applied


The brand-new Teclast X10 Plus has a 10.1-inches capacitive display boasting a 1280×800 resolution. The poor pixel density(149 ppi) can hinder the user’s experience. We are very disappointed because the manufacturers haven’t improved the model with full HD. However, IPS technology enables nice video quality, sharp colors, and wide viewing angles. There is no screen protection so we advise you to use one.Teclast X10 Plus Tablet display on the white background

Performance and Storage

Teclast X10 Plus runs on 64-bit Quad-core Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 series processor, set at 1.44GHz, with an option to stir it up to 1.84GHz. Intel HD Graphic Gen8 processor is in charge of graphic and multimedia performance. If you enjoy video games, you will have a satisfying experience with this one. Teclast X10 Plus Tablet Performance

2 GB of RAM gives decent multitasking, but we have to point out there are going to be some lags if you overcrowd your system with larger apps. The internal storage is 32GB, but you can expand it with SD card up to 128GB. Of course, we got some affordable deals for you on the link below:

Here is a good quality 128GB SD card to enhance the Teclast X10 Plus storage


X10 Plus tablet is powered by the 7200mAh battery, which can last about 7 hours fully charged, but you shouldn’t be surprised if it takes a long time to recharge. It makes your tablet a bit weighty, but on the other hand, you won’t have a battery anxiety when you play games, go on a trip or watch movies. The battery is also perfect for heavy tablet users who rely on this device for work.


Teclast X10 Plus Operating System (OS)

Finally, we come to the most exciting part of this tablet. Whether your preferable operating system is Windows 10 or Android 5.1 Lollipop, X10 Plus is equipped with both of them. Your tablet, your choice. Windows 10 uses the great Start menu from Windows 10 and introduces new features such as Edge web browser that lets you mark up the pages on the screen. Also, you can listen to music via Groove music application. This feature is a big plus, and your task is just to take advantage of both systems.


Both front and back camera have 2-Megapixel sensors – there is nothing to brag about. If you prefer high-quality photos, this is not the tablet for you. Features like digital zoom, Scene Mode, and self-timer are deffinitely helpful, but nothing exceptional. The front-facing camera is good for Skype video calls and occasional photo on a daylight.


Here are some X10 Plus camera samples:

click for a bigger image


Here comes another highlight of X10 Plus. We all adore watching movies on the big screen, and HDMI HD output feature is here to bring you that joy. Just connect HDMI cable to your TV and get ready for your cinema experience. When it comes to Wireless connection, Bluetooth v4.0 is on board, enabling you to connect easily with other devices and transfer your photos, videos or other media. Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n protocols are supported, and signal reception is splendid. You can surf the Internet as much as you want anytime, anywhere.

Pros and Cons

Purchasing the device is all about choices, so we come to the part where we list the good and the bad sides of the product to make the shopping easier for you. Here are some pros and cons of Teclast X10 Plus:


  • Affordable Price
  • Stylish Design
  • Two Operating Systems
  • Long Battery Life


  • Keyboard unavailable
  • No SIM card slot
  • Small camera resolution

Our opinion

Great design, excellent battery life, two operating systems. No doubt Teclast X10 Plus leaves a good impression, but on the other hand, there are a low-quality camera and a lack of SIM card slot. If you don’t need stellar photos and dial connection, this might be the tablet for you. Teclast X10 Plus is a highly functional device for an average user, and we highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys movies and games. And guess what – it is on pre-sale. Just click the links below, we found some superb deals for you:


Feel free to post your opinions about the device in the comment section below the article:

Check out the Teclast X10 Plus scores:

we’re considering the price/value for money with specs and performance before stating our grades



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  1. ROM has serious screen rotation bug, not even Nova launcher is compatible. (screen rotates 180 when using in landscape mode)

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