Teclast T24 Air Review: All-in-One PC at 7mm Thickness and Full HD Screen

All-in-One PCs are very popular nowadays. Thanks to an inventive design they save more space and make people refuse the old desktop PCs. There is also another way of organizing your working space without many peripherals. You can buy a mini PC, attach it to the back of a monitor and use it like the All-in-One PC. But why to buy two or more devices, if we can purchase only one? The only reason to act so is related to the fact we can choose a monitor and a mini PC sporting good features. As for the AIO products, if any of them doesn’t meet our requirements, we won’t get it. Plus, AIOs usually cost too much. But I am sure you all have heard about the Teclast X22 Air, a great AIO featuring a decent specs list and available for a song. We are happy to state this manufacturer has released another AIO with identical features and priced as low as 2399 yuan (7). This amazing AIO is named the Teclast T24 Air and it’s going to beat all the products from the niche including its compatriot, the Teclast X22 Air.

Teclast T24 Air

Teclast T24 Air Design

 Appearance is one of the selling points of the Teclast T24 Air. If you remember, we reviewed the thinnest TV in the globe coming our way from Xiaomi. The Mi TV 4 comes at 4.9mm thickness. Thus it’s the way thinner than the iPhone 7.

Teclast T24 Air

Teclast T24 Air

The T24 Air is also very thin at 7mm only. This means the product we are reviewing is a bit thinner than one of the thinnest smartphones in the world. Moreover, the manufacturer uses an all-metal scrubbing process. That’s why the edges look sharp.

Teclast T24 Air Teclast T24 Air

However, this is not the only advantage of the Teclast T24 Air’s design. Its housing is made of metal that hints at its premium class. Like its sibling, this device comes with a minimalist design. Say, the front panel has very narrow borders that are even not noticed when the AIO is turned off.

Teclast T24 Air

It looks like a black plate. Only the bottom side is in silver that carries the company’s logo.

Teclast T24 Air

All the interfaces and holes are on the back. I understand many people prefer to see them on the bottom, but such a design is acceptable as well. A Gigabit Ethernet port, USB3.0x2 ports, USB2.0x2 ports, microphone jack, 3.5mm audio jack, a DC port, and a HDMI port are located on the middle back side.

Teclast T24 Air

A power button with a LED indicator is on the left side.

Teclast T24 Air

There are also a few fan holes for better ventilation.

Teclast T24 Air Teclast T24 Air

Finally, the Teclast T24 Air is very easy to assembly. You only need to twirl a couple of screws, and the docking leg will be set.

Teclast T24 Air Teclast T24 Air Teclast T24 Air

Teclast T24 Air Display and Hardware

The Teclast T24 Air sports a 23.8-inch screen with a 1080p resolution. This is a great display with a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. Shortly, you will see the same quality picture from all sides. It’s also can be rotated back and forth up to 15 degrees. It comes with a wide color gamut and anti-glare coating. WCG is an increase in color: “Redder” reds, “greener” greens, “bluer” blues and more. As for the anti-glare coating, it improves vision and reduces eye strain. The screen can be considered as the second selling point, undoubtedly.

Teclast T24 Air

Now about the most important feature of any AIO, the Teclast T24 Air is powered by an Intel Apollo Lake chip carrying a model number of J3455. This is the second chip announced along with the Pentium J4205 in Q3, 2016. They have been designed mainly for desktop PCs, and we have to state the performance they provide is almost identical. The Celeron J3455 scores 1.771 points in PCMark Home Conventional benchmark, while its sibling scores 1,830 points. Thus they are the way better than the Intel Cherry Trail x5-Z8300 found on many products from the niche. Moreover, these processors are too close to the Intel Core i3-5005U in terms of performance.

Teclast T24 Air

However, the 3D graphics performance causes too many conversations and discussions. There’s a really big leap between the x5-Z8300 and both Apollo Lake motherboards (150 to 165% better 3D performance). But on the other hand, there’s a noticeable gap (almost 50%) between the Intel HD 5500 GPU of the Core-i3 processors and the Intel HD 500/505 graphics used in J3455 and J4205 processors.

Teclast T24 Air

At last, the Intel Apollo Lake J3455 is a quad-core chip clocked at up to 2.3GHz. It is priced around $100, which means the third of the Teclast T24 Air’s price is grabbed by the chip.

To provide a smoother and more stable performance the AIO comes with a 4GB of DDR3 RAM and 128GB of SSD card. Though cheap computers are not packed with an SSD card, Teclast could afford not to use eMMC flash memory.

Teclast T24 Air

Finally, the Teclast T24 Air runs on Windows 10.


  • 23.8-inch Full HD screen with a list of great technologies for better viewing
  • Intel Celeron chip clocked at 2.3GHz
  • Large memory options with high-speed options
  • Many useful interfaces including USB 3.0 and HDMI
  • Minimalist design
  • Low price


  • Actually, I couldn’t find any disadvantages on this product. Could you?


Not all products of this brand cost so cheap. There are Teclast-branded All-in-One computers priced over $1000. This simply means this company know how to make good PCs and it has offers for all niches. The Teclast X22 Air and X24 Air have been the most popular models of the manufacturer, as I said at the beginning of the article. But with the launch of the Teclast T24 Air everything can change. This product is available at a few retailers at a price tag of 2399 yuan ($367) that means a mid-range AIO with a few high-end features can be acquire for a song.


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