Teclast T30 vs Teclast T20 – The Ultimate Android Tablet!

Should you upgrade?

If you already own a smartphone and a laptop, you might ask why you should even consider getting a tablet. Portability is, of course, the most important reason allowing us to carry it with us wherever we go. Apart from that, it is cheaper, but it still provides you with most functions that you get on a laptop. They’re also excellent for entertainment and multitasking as well. It’s not until you own one that you realize the value of a tablet and how productive you can be with it by your side.

Teclast T30 tablet is the latest addition in the Teclast T series, and Teclast T20 is its predecessor. The previous versions have higher resolution, but the latest ones come with a better processor along with other features. Read on for the full comparison of the Teclast T20 vs Teclast T30. From the comparison of Teclast T20 vs Teclast T30, you’ll know whether it is worth the upgrade.

Comparison Teclast T30 vs Teclast T20

Teclast T20 vs Teclast T30: Specs Comparison

Teclast T20 Teclast T30
Fingerprint Reader:
10.1 inch 2560 x 1600 pixels
10.1 inch 1920 x 1200
Helio X27 Deca-Core
P70 Octa-Core A73
Android 7.1
Android 9.0
Front Camera[13 MP]+Rear Camera[13 MP]
Front Camera[5 MP]+Rear Camera[8 MP]
Video Playback Time:
8 hours
11 hours

Which Android Tablet looks better?

I was mind blown by the design of Teclast T20. The high-end material used in the tablet, such as the full metal body, is the reason behind the premium look. It doesn’t stop there, but you get a slim tablet, which is a huge factor for most of us when it comes to handheld devices. With a silver body that has rounded edges and a white bezel surrounding the display, the Teclast T20 looks elegant. Similar to all high-end tablets currently, the Teclast T20 has a fingerprint scanner at the back of the device for extra security. However, it doesn’t work fast, but it is precise and does the job well. Between the Teclast T30 vs T20, the addition of a fingerprint reader gives the Teclast T20 an advantage over the Teclast T30 tablet.

Teclast T30 vs Teclast T20 Design Comparison

Similar to the Teclast T20 tablet, you get a full metal body with rounded curves on each side in the Teclast T30 tablet. However, it has a completely black body. On top of the display, there is a front camera and light sensor on both tablets. Additionally, there is a distance sensor and a charging indicator in the Teclast T30. Nonetheless, the Teclast T20 has a premium design making it a better option between the Teclast T20 vs Teclast T30.

Advantage: Teclast T20


We all love a large display, and both these models don’t fail us in that aspect. You get a 10.1-inch full lamination display in both models- Teclast T30 vs T20. Teclast T20 sports a display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. The amazing thing is that it has an anti-fingerprint screen and there is an auto light sensor. Teclast T30, in contrast, has a Full HD display, which equates to a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. The IPS screen has a brightness of 370 nits. The 2.5D glass screen has an anti-blue-light that protects the eyes. Therefore, in the comparison of Teclast T20 vs Teclast T30, the former provides you with better resolution.

Advantage: Teclast T20

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Teclast T20 features a MediaTek Helio X27 Deca-Core processor with a burst frequency of 2.6 GHz. It comes with the Mali-T880MP4 GPU with a frequency of 875 MHz. Teclast T30, on the contrary, has a P70 Octa-Core A73 processor that comes with a frequency of 2.1 GHz. It has the Mali-G72 GPU, which clocks in at 900 MHz. You get 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM in both models – Teclast T30 vs T20. For additional storage in both models, you can insert a micro SD card. In terms of performance, Teclast T20 has a Geekbench score of 225 when it comes to Single-Core and 1044 with Multi-Core. On the other hand, the Teclast T30 tablet has a Single-Core score of 294 and a Multi-Core score of 1371.

Hence, Teclast T30 tablet outperforms T20 in terms of performance and gaming in the comparison of Teclast T20 vs Teclast T30, and the Geekbench 5.0 score proves this. Although there is a 40% improvement in Teclast T30, you can still play games in Teclast T20 as well if the graphics are balanced, but you will experience some lag.

Advantage: Teclast T30


When it comes to the software, the Teclast T30 tablet is the winner here with an upgraded version of Android. Teclast T20 has the Android 7.1 stock version (aka Nougat), which means no Bloatware, whereas the Teclast T30 tablet has the Android 9.0 version. Without the new version of Android, you will miss out on a lot of improvements and features in the Teclast T30. With the Google Play Store, you can download third-party applications in both models – Teclast T30 vs T20. There are some pre-installed apps as well on both tablets. Teclast T30 scores here with a later version of the software between Teclast T20 vs Teclast T30.

Advantage: Teclast T30


In addition to the touchscreen, there are physical buttons for power and volume in both models- Teclast T20 vs Teclast T30. You get a speaker on two sides of the Teclast T20, whereas, in the Teclast T30 tablet, both the speakers are placed on a single side. With the third generation SWEET sound speakers, you get better audio quality in the Teclast T30 than the second-generation ones in the Teclast T20. There is a TF card slot and SIM card slot in Teclast T20. Teclast T30, alternatively, has just a single slot allowing you to insert either a TF card or a SIM card. However, there is a docking interface allowing you to use a keyboard, but you’ll have to purchase a keyboard separately.

Other than those, there is a spot for an audio jack, Type-C port, and a mic in both models- Teclast T30 vs T20. There is a docking interface and an additional mic in Teclast T30 as opposed to Teclast T20 in the comparison of Teclast T20 vs Teclast T30. When it comes to the slot, the Teclast T20 has the edge over the Teclast T30 with a separate slot for a SIM card and TF card.

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Camera and other features

Teclast T20 has a 13.0 MP front and rear camera as well with an aperture value of f2.0 and a wide viewing angle of 82.8.The Teclast T30, in contrast, comes with a 5.0 MP front camera and an 8.0 MP rear camera. It supports Bluetooth 4.2, and there is a built-in GPS, as well. Multitasking has become easy with a split screen in both models – Teclast T30 vs T20. Both models support Dual-band Wi-Fi and 4G networks, as well. Therefore, in the comparison of Teclast T20 vs Teclast T30, Teclast T20 has a better quality camera with higher megapixels.

Advantage: Teclast T20

Battery Life

Speaking of battery life, the Teclast T30 tablet definitely scores a win here between Teclast T30 vs T20, providing up to 11 hours of video playback. Although the battery size is slightly smaller in T30 than T20, it still has a great battery life with a processor that consumes less power but is powerful as well. Teclast T20 has an 8100 mAh battery and provides up to 8 hours of video playback. Teclast T30, conversely, has an 8000 mAh battery.

Advantage: Teclast T30

Verdict: Which is the Ultimate Android Tablet?

There is no winner here in the comparison of Teclast T30 vs T20. However, if we consider the price, then the Teclast T30 tablet would be the winner here at a lesser price in the comparison of Teclast T20 vs Teclast T30. In the Teclast T30, you get a powerful yet low-power consuming processor, new software, and spectacular battery life. Teclast T20, contrariwise, has a premium look with a high-resolution display and amazing quality cameras.

When it comes to other features, it depends on your preference. You get a separate slot for a SIM card and TF card in the Teclast T20, whereas, in Teclast T30, there is a docking interface, dual-mic system, and distance sensor. With both speakers placed on different sides, you get a more immersive experience with the Teclast T20, but the Teclast T30 has the third generation of speakers. Though both models have some drawbacks, they’re both great tablets to own.

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