Teclast X2 Pro with stylus and Windows 10


If  you see a stylus or a task manager, they blew it

Steve Jobs, 2010

With this famous quote Apple co-founder made his intentions clear as they should be about tablets. At that time, many brands with touch devices, also included a stylus, because their screens were resistive in most cases.

For some time, only a few tablets have had a stylus with capacitive screens, but today many of brands are going to use them as well. This new trend has also affected Apple, who with his iPencil have drawn criticism, even from their average fans.

This time, we will talk about Teclast X2 Pro. Teclast X2 Pro is a powerful tablet with a desktop operating system (Windows 10) and a big screen. Also, it comes with the two almost essential accessories and, of course, it includes an interesting stylus.

Teclast X2 Pro With accessories

When choosing a Chinese device, often we do not have at our disposal many accessories as in the case of the big brands. That is why we sometimes need to go for universal accessories that do not take all the juice to our tablet or mobile devices.

However, Teclast is one of the few exceptions, since most of their devices, especially large models have at least one founded keyboard officially.

Teclast X2 Pro official cover with keyboard

Writing with a virtual keyboard on a Teclast X2 Pro tablet 11.6-inch screen is quite uncomfortable, so because of that we would appreciate having a physical keyboard to perform office work or just for the ordinary use of the operating system.

The official cover of the Teclast X2 Pro is made of artificial leather, it has a self-locking system and uses a magnetic connector at the center of the bottom edge of the tablet. So when we are using it, in this case, we must not take any of its ports or maintain the Bluetooth connection activated. Furthermore, this case has a flap that folds to get the tablet to remain to stand, this support is a huge plus to the Microsoft Surface.


The magnetic connector makes it more convenient to connect or disconnect the keyboard cover with the Teclast X2 Power

In principle, we can not find the keyboard with the letter ñ. However, we have that particular key Fn, and thanks to it we can make a combination of Fn + N to write an ñ.

The Teclast X2 Pro official Stylus

Stylus that comes with Teclast X2 Pro has two ends with double functions – active and passive.

The active part is pointy one that is used for higher accuracy, and the other side contains a passive end used for less accurate functions. Using a stylus, we should be aware of its battery consumption – the battery in stylus is small.


An asset such as the Stylus Pro X2 Teclast guarantees much greater accuracy than the usual passive stylus.

The Stylus X2 Pro Teclast has a tip of just 1.2 mm and the chip can detect 256 different levels of pressure. We also have two buttons, one for double left click, and another for double right click.

Teclast X2 Pro Technical Specifications

  • Display: 11.6-inch IPS 1920 × 1080 (16: 9)
  • Processor: Intel Core M 5Y10C 64bit Dual-Core 800MHz (up to 2.0GHz)
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5300
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64GB SSD expandable to 128 / 128GB SSD; expandable with a MicroSD up to 128GB.
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Back camera: 5Mpx signed by OmniVision
  • Front camera: 2Mpx
  • Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi b / g / n, Wi-Di, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS
  • Physical Connectivity: HDMI, 2xUSB 3.0, microUSB OTG and Jack 3.5mm
  • Sensors: Gravity sensor, ambient light sensor, Hall effect sensor
  • Weight: 844gr
  • Dimensions:303 × 185 × 105mm
  • Battery: 12160mAh

Tablets from this series come with powerful Intel processors: possible variations are i3 /i5 /i7, so we can tell that this is not a standard tablet. The newest addition to the Intel Core processor line was the M group; Teclast X2 Pro and Cube i7 tablet are the first ones that had this processor line, alongside the controversial Macbook (2015) that we have already seen.


The Teclast X2 Pro mounts an Intel Core processor-based M.

Intel Core M 5Y10C, like all M family, is designed to offer a very low power consumption, a philosophy that conflicts with the characteristics of the x86 architecture that has unfortunately never been an example of efficiency.

The speed of this processor is 800MHz, and it can be turbo-charged up to 2GHz, some think the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 was faster or something like that, and that’s maybe right, but only on paper. However, neither the architecture is the same or that simple. Although their running speeds are lower, the performance of each core is much higher than those found, for example, on an Intel Atom.

The GPU of this processor is not a some miracle. However this Intel HD Graphics 5300 will allow us to watch videos in 4k and even to run a large list of video games smoothly with the help of our Intel processor. We will be able to play games such as League of Legends, CS: GO, Heroes of Neverth Starcraft 1 or Starcraft 2 among many others, and more that they are not on the list and will be supported.

That list works under the assumption that the system has 4GB of RAM, an amount that doubles the minimum requirement for Windows 10 and that leaves a good margin for maneuver when using heavy applications.

 With two USB 3.0 ports, the Teclast X2 Pro allow us to use external hard drives smoothly.

As for storage, we find a pleasant surprise, since the Teclast X2 Pro can have 64GB or 128GB SSD (Solid State Drive). If we take the one with 64GB, and we are not satisfied with it, we can always change to another one that goes up to 128GB. We also have a port for MicroSD card that can go up to 128GB, and a microUSB OTG port, which is not for charging.

Finally, note that the battery has 12160 mAh, which is a very respectable figure that guarantees an excellent durability. Although we must not forget that it is an Intel Core M and not an Intel Atom which always has a lower consumption.

Teclast X16 Power vs. Teclast X2 Pro

Teclast X2 Pro



The Teclast X16 Power is a tablet with both Windows and Android operating systems that runs flawlessly with 8GB of RAM.

Both tablets are from the same manufacturer and both Teclast X2 Pro as the X16 Power have a similar design. Although, in the case of the first, the body is made of aluminum, a material that provides strength and acts to some extent as a heat sink. Undoubtedly, the materials are a big plus for the Teclast  X2 Pro.

In the internal hardware, we can find another significant difference. First we see two very different processors, in the case of the Teclast X2 Pro we have the Intel Core M that we talked about above while the X16 Power is mounted with an Intel Atom Z8700 of X7-Cherry Trail series.

If we look at the data, the one from Atom is much higher than the one from M series. However, benchmarks bring to light very different data, especially the performance of Single-Core, in which the Intel Core M 5Y10C falls far bellow.

There is also a difference between Power X16 and Pro X12 in the graphic segment. The 8th generation of Intel HD built in the X16 has a powerful GPU. However, Intel HD Graphics 5300 has a more advanced character; it can work in 4K and incorporates some technologies from Intel graphics Atom, that are not included.

When we look at the RAM, the Teclast X16 Power with 8GB moves over the 4GB RAM from Teclast X2 Pro, both are excellent, but it is always better if we can have more RAM.


Each Core M, although it runs at a lower frequency, it can calculate more data.

As for storage, the difference is significant. Although it is true that advances in flash memory have offered excellent rates of mastery, SSDs always get better results. Having an ability to change the SSD, X2 Pro tops the Power X16 because the Power X16 can only have 64GB of storage – Teclast X2 Pro is available in 64 and 128GB.

The metal body allows better cooling process, and it gives strength to the Teclast Pro X2.

When we talk about the screen, both panels are 11.6 inches with a FullHD resolution. However, Stylus support is another plus of the Teclast X2 Pro .

The connections of both tablets are similar. However, the Teclast X2 Pro has more USB 3.0 ports, and compatibility with Stylus but both have the magnetic connection to a cover/keyboard.

Finally, we will talk about the battery. While the X2 Pro has 45000mWh, the battery of the new Teclast is 323 000 MWh (Megawatt hour). Even though both batteries will give us several hours at high performance, the Teclast X2 Pro has more capacity.

So, the Teclast X2 Pro offers hardware that is designed for desktop and video games, besides being a productivity-oriented system. Teclast X16 Power is using Android operating system that allows us to use this tablet to a wider multimedia use, and not only for our office work.

Our opinion on Teclast X2 Pro 

Even though the Dual-Boot tablets are working well, sometimes we miss a tablet that have a hardware power similar to those from a laptop.

You can have both options for this tablet:

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We think that it’s the best option to go with the 128GB SSD version

Also, if you want the Stylus and cover with keyboard, you can get them here:

Buy Stylus Touch Pen for Teclast X2 Pro from Buy Teclast X2 Pro Keyboard with Tablet PC Case from




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  1. Thx for the walkthrue, but I do have some corrections, and the first is the sulys you stated that you got along in this article “from article// Stylus that comes with Teclast X2 Pro has two ends with double functions – active and passive.//

    the stylus your have displayed only have passive tip, and got noting in the, and the other thing, is the m2 ngff SSD-upgrade possiblelities, that are not limited to 128gb, like stated..

    1. Jakob, you might have misunderstood the details. The stylus has two different ends, “Active”, which can be turned on/off, and “Passive”, which is always on (the bulky one). Next, we wrote that the ssd capacity was already built in the device as an improvement from the last model, not as a storage expansion. Both devices have microSD slot for expanding the storage.
      Hope this answers your doubts.

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