Teclast F5R Laptop Review: Features, Specs and Price

Technology is dominating the world around the corner. We are coming across every day new inventions, especially in the computer world. Now, you can go for the best product against low prices without compromising on the quality specifications. Why are we delving into this discussion? Well, today, we will see another amazing magic as the Teclast Company is giving its global customers a flexible laptop with tremendous specifications and physical attributes. In fact, it is a 2-in-1 machine that is tagged as the Teclast F5R Laptop. The speciality is that it has a 3600 hinge to rotate in 6 versatile modes. It can work for you as a regular laptop, a tablet, stand, tent, portable, or draw modes.

The Teclast F5R portable laptop is installed with the Windows 10 operating system. It is quite easy for you to check your daily emails, checking files, and folders digitally. Along with, the F5R Laptop contains the Intel Apollo Lake N3450 processor for improved performance.

Teclast F5R

One of the highlighted features of the Teclast F5R Laptop is that it is designed with an 11.6-inch IPS touch screen. Further, the screen is packed in a 360-degree hinge which can rotate clockwise. Here you can use in any form as per your requirements. If you love to work on a tablet, it will facilitate you while serving you with the laptop felling.

Additionally, the Teclast F5R Laptop has an 8 GB RAM chip as well as 256 GB internal storage in SSD format. Hence, users can adapt it for massive hardware storage space along with advanced software configurations.

Concluding all, we can say that the Teclast F5R Laptop provides value for money features as compared to its counterparts.

Teclast F5R Laptop: Features and Specifications

Design and Colour

As you can see and we have discussed, the Teclast comes with an innovative design which can land into hearts. It has a rotation policy to be flexible for different angles.

With the grey-coloured aluminum alloy metal cover, the Teclast F5R Laptop throws extensive impression on the viewers. The lightweight body is glossy and fantastically designed by the experts.

It weighs at only 1 kg along with the physical measures at 27.80×18.80×1.20 cm. Therefore, the laptop is quite easy to carry with and requires lesser space in your bag pack.

Teclast F5R

The major part of the laptop is its rotating format design. The 3600 hinge can rotate clockwise to give you the 6 versatile modes to work. You can use it for a tablet, that’s why it is called as a 2-in-1 portable device.

It adopts an 11.6-inch touch screen which makes it a smartphone-like device for fast user experience. Overall, the design of the Teclast F5R 3600 laptop is astonishing and wins the clicks altogether.

Operating System and Processor

Well, the basic software configuration platform is from Microsoft. They have installed the Teclast F5R Laptop with the Windows 10 operating system. It is a fully-licensed copy of the Windows 10 platform but it lacks bloatware.

Teclast F5R

Anyway, the Windows 10 the latest edition by Microsoft and practically you never need to purchase the Windows again in future.

Along with Microsoft, the processor chipset is developed from the Intel Company. The Teclast F5R Laptop has Intel Apollo Lake N3450 Quad-Core processor with up to 1.1 GHz frequency.

The Apollo Lake processor uses the 14nm process technology which distinguishes it in terms of relevancy and speedy work.

You can further excel your work speed using the integrated Intel HD Graphics 500. It will allow you to enjoy exceptional video playing and gaming experience using lower power consumption.

Teclast F5R


The Teclast F5R Laptop comes with a touch screen facility. Most of the laptop systems come with a non-touch screen configuration. But Teclast introduces it with a touch screen display with a size of 11.6-inch.

Further, it is an IPS full HD capacitive (10-points) touch screen with a display aspect ratio of 16:9. The screen resolution is 1920×1080 to make your videos and pictures sharp and of higher-quality. The narrow bezel will give you the full freedom to enjoy full screen of vibrant colours and vivid details.

Teclast F5R

As the Teclast F5R Laptop is in the news for its interesting feature that is marvelous. It is assembled with a 360-degree hinge to give the screen a flexible approach. You can adjust it at any angle that suits you most to work. The touch display can only be used separately in a tablet mode.

Therefore, the laptop is always ready to help you for better typing, drawing, presentation, and of course, entertainment.

Teclast F5R


The Teclast F5R Laptop uses internal hardware tools and equips the RAM and ROM slots for betterment.

You will have access to unbeaten features to present your talent professionally. The Teclast signifies an important need for a huge storage capacity along with big RAM chip. Therefore, the F5R Laptop is installed with an 8 GB DDR4 RAM chipset to facilitate you to deal with the multitasking in a reliable manner.

Teclast F5R

As far as the internal storage space is concerned, the Teclast F5R Laptop houses a 256 GB SSD storage drive to collect your files and folders into a single location.

Although 256 GB doesn’t sound better, you have easy access to upgrade your storage space. Underneath the laptop, there is a removable panel which allows you to access the SSD directly. However, it doesn’t support any external storage item.

So, the Teclast F5R Laptop is fully covered up for the most fundamental necessities while going for a portable laptop. You can make it happen on the go without depending upon the online cloud storage.

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Teclast F5R


Unlike other portable laptops, the Teclast F5R Laptop contains a front camera on the lower right-hand corner. Although 1 MP camera placement is unusual, it gives a unique view when we go for video calls etc.

Teclast F5R

Using a camera, you can make a face to face chat and live video calls over the internet. Therefore, the Teclast has imparted with the most important configuration especially for the youngsters. They are keen to have a camera on their gadgets to make a quick connection with their buddies.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The people, who are wishing to have a full-fledged keyboard on their device, can go unhappy with the Teclast F5R Laptop.

The system has a compact keyboard with numeric keypad missing. It doesn’t have some other important keys like Page Up/Down, Home, and End etc. Moreover, typing on the physical keyboard is quite a pleasant experience, but we cannot say the same thing regarding the touchpad.

Teclast F5R

The touchpad can be used for tapping and clicking. Tapping works well and when you tap with two fingers simultaneously, it will work as a right click. Overall, the touchpad has an average usage but the keyboard can hold your work in a well manner.


Well, the power storage capacity is a bit disappointing the users. The Teclast F5R Laptop features only a 3850 mAh battery against the latest Windows 10 version.

You cannot rely upon the battery for a longer time. It can stand up to only 5 hours on video playback. The lithium polymer battery will give you 2 hours of standby time. Therefore, you need keep in mind this aspect before going for a touch screen laptop. While using it, you will have to plug it in the charger slot quite often.

Teclast F5R

Network and Connectivity Options

The Teclast F5R Laptop holds to provide the users with multiple network and connectivity options. It supports the dual-WIFI 2.4 GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless internet network connectivity.

You can play super-fast WIFI speed and can connect it to the broadband or your smartphone for quick access.

In the connectivity area, the F5R Laptop has numerous ways to give you an extensive approach to connect with external devices. There is a Bluetooth 4.2 version for the quality network.

Similarly, you can access external devices using various ports. It has a 3.5mm audio output jack for speakers and headphones. There are micro USB and micro HDMI ports to connect the laptop to the projectors and monitors

Along with, you can use type-C and TF card reader ports for further usage.

Teclast F5R

Media Formats

The Teclast F5R Laptop is fully able to handle all formats of multimedia files. You can play them using inbuilt windows software or by using third-party application software.

There are various audio file formats like FLAC, MP3, AAC, MP2, WMA etc.

Similarly, it supports various videos file formats like 3GP, AVI, MP4, MPEG4, WMV, 1080P etc.

Further, the picture formats it supports are PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP etc.

Therefore, you are free to play and enjoy your files and documents conveniently in the Teclast F5R Laptop without converting file extensions.


Here we come to the price tag after reviewing its specialities from the depth. Well, the price of the Teclast F5R Laptop is set at $269.99 after a 24% discount on the Gearbest online store.

Link is provided below to buy it from Gearbest:


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