[Ultra-Portable Powerbank] Teclast A10 With 10.000mAh at $22.40 Only

We like to repeat the trendies feature of current smartphones is the full-screen. But we also know the larger the screen the more it consumes. So this has become a real headache for manufacturers. On one hand, they should follow the mainstream. But on the other hand, they should put a large capacity battery into a thin and fashionable body. Not all companies are capable of creating a design that solves these issues. That’s why the external batteries aka powerbanks are gaining momentum. But if earlier the manufacturers were coming in with large capacity powerbanks that also have had big sizes. Nowadays, we see another trend – the battery capacity, as well as the device dimensions, are getting smaller and smaller. The best examples can be the Huawei CP07 with a 6700mAh and the Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 2 5000mAh. But they come with a common design using the same brick-like look. Of course, some of them look quite attractive, but the manufacturers charge more to cover their expenses spend on the design. If you are tired of those powerbanks and want something different, we are offering you to take a look at the Teclast A10. The latter is a small-size powerbank using absolutely different appearance but providing two-way charging.

Teclast A10

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Most inexpensive powerbanks use a cheap plastic texture that makes them look unattractive. We understand, a powerbank should have many other features besides the design, but it’s a consumer product and it should have a stylish look to involve attention. In this sense, the Teclast A10 has no problem, as it comes with a body using a mirror plating process. The A10 also is very small and causes no issues to carry anywhere you go. It even can be in your pocket without affecting your look.

Teclast A10

But what’s more interesting the Teclast A10 also comes with many useful features as well as built-in high-density batteries from LG of a 10.000mAh capacity. Those batteries provide two 5V / 2.1A current output of the USB interface. So two devices can be charged simultaneously. There are four LED indicators displaying the current state of the battery. So you will know when to charge it. The charging can start after tapping the power non-pressable button next to the LEDs. The manufacturer claims, the Teclast A10 can charge the iPhone 7 3 times, the iPhone 6 3.6 times, the Samsung Galaxy S8 2 times, and the iPad mini 4 1.2 times. Thus it can be very helpful in all unexpected conditions when your device completely drainages. Moreover, the conversion rate is 93%, which means it provides a better experience of charging. As we are dealing with a Teclast product, it’s quite expected to see various protection features such as short circuit protection, temperature protection, electrostatic protection, over-voltage protection, overcharging protection, over-discharging protection, overcurrent protection, over-power protection, and reverse polarity protection. This simply means the small and portable Teclast A10 powerbank is very safe.

Teclast A10

At last, there are too many color options to choose from. So you can get your hands on any of them that corresponds your taste, phone color or the case color the most. The A10 is also priced very low at $22.40.

Teclast A10 Teclast A10 Teclast A10


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