The Technology Summer Show 2020 is the new technology fair with a renewed concept

We have already talked about the new technological fair that has been planned for this 2020 called Technology Summer Show, which will be held on April 23 and 24 of that year in Ibiza. This fair does not seek to compete with other major technology events such as the IFA, it simply wishes to implement a new concept to become a world reference in this market.

The plans for the Technology Summer Show

One of the most recurrent complaints in IT fairs is that they are all the same in concept, regardless of the country in which they are presented, that is why one of the aspects in which this event wishes to highlight is in its format. It seeks to offer both visitors and exhibitors a much more relaxed and friendly environment, where presentations are made in a much more natural way.

Technology Summer Show - Conference

Another highlight is that the Technology Summer Show will be held on the island of Ibiza, because it is a place that perfectly combines business and pleasure, being home to several of the best hotels in the country. Thanks to this, all the people present will be able to enjoy the event more comfortable since they are far from the problems of civilization, offering a much calmer and more natural space.

This event was planned by Carbó Consulting, which is a well-known consulting brand with more than 15 years of experience in fairs of this type. They have worked in Europe, the United States and even in China, so they have enormous experience in the development of large-scale projects. The largest amount of information known at the time was presented on December 20 last year through a press conference, in which the main organizers (Jordi Carbó, Carlos Puertas, María Coll, and Dany Antoine), presented details on its future vision, indicating that it will be an event with added values ??since they will have equality between men and women, sustainability and solidarity. Moreover, it is expected that there is a space dedicated entirely to women.

Technology Summer Show - Barcelona

Within the areas that this event will cover, we can find Smart Home, Brown Goods, Mobile, Fintech, Business Angels, Hardware & Software, Audio, Components, Gaming, Startups, Incubators, and Business Schools. The place to be used will be the Ibiza venue, with a capacity for 120 exhibitors, with a size of more than 10,000 m2. At the same time, this fair is characterized by offering a pack consisting of a business welcome cocktail, a banquet with VIP assistants, live music, private meeting spaces, and Corners speakers.


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