The Technology Summer Show will arrive in Spain in 2020!

Several of the events that most excite technology lovers are fairs such as the IFA or the CES since there are always large companies willing to present new projects. To take advantage of the boom in this sector, a new fair called Technology Summer Show will be held in Ibiza, Spain, on April 23 and 24, 2020.

Future Technology Summer Show and what is expected of it

Three of the main figures that were responsible for promoting this project were Jordi Carbó, Carlos Puertas and Dany Antoine. Yesterday, they made a presentation in Barcelona, in which they said they wanted to present a new format in this type of event. Jordi Carbó, the CEO of Carbó Business Consulting, said that his goal is not to compete against the IFA or the CES, but rather to “be a player, with a component of quality, altruism, and sustainability that adds value to the sector”.

Technology Summer Show - Conference

The Technology Summer Show seeks to have a special space in which women are given a main focus, as well as part of the funds raised,  will be donated to beneficial non-profit entities, among other initiatives. Carbó said during the conference: “Spain does not have a powerful fair to be the cluster of technology that we are. The MWC can go to another city at any time. We bet on an event aimed at both B2B and B2C, which gives relevance to talent, and where there is more interaction and networking”.

This event is planned to take place in Ibiza, since it is more accessible to visitors and tourists from abroad because it has several of the cheapest hotels for exhibitors. The fair will have a size of 5,900 m2 and will be able to accommodate 120 exhibitors. According to Carlos Puertas, commercial director of the TTS, there is already a total of 20% of pre-reservations made and declared “Companies such as Tesla or Telefónica have already shown their support. We expect 35% of European exhibitors, 40% of Asians, 10% of Americans and the rest of the Middle East. “

Technology Summer Show - Barcelona

This event promises to cover everything related to the brown line sector, such as audio, Smart home, hardware and software, components, RV and gaming, mobile devices, PAE and urban mobility. According to Dany Antoine, “the key to the event is to look for the human side of the business. Conventional fairs are not renewed, they are always the same. Our approach is not based only on business; we also seek human relationship and trust”.

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