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In this digital web world, we all know that chrome is the fastest and best web browser in the world and we all use google chrome and other browsers for our personal and office use but do you know that is it safe for our privacy? anyone can see work that we have done on chrome or anyone can copy by using our pc. why should we take risks? sometimes we all have to put more extensions in browsers and sometimes chrome also has crash problems. I have a solution to this problem, what about to use chrome in safe mode. So that you can use it without any unnecessary extensions and plugins.

But do you know how to launch google-chrome safe mode? because it was a more familiar word for those who use firefox then it is to chrome users but now in windows 10, this is not available here’s no worked in Chrome Safe mode choice in the program which shocks me in light of its value in troubleshooting browser issues. Be that as it may, I have a trick tip that you can use.

What is the chrome browser safe mode?

At the point when you dispatch something in safe mode, you are just propelling it with restricted abilities. For an application like Chrome, you can dispatch it without pointless expansions and plugins. You’ll accomplish this by using Google Chrome in Incognito mode.

But I think you all know about incognito mode and you know how to use, just one the chrome and click on incognito mode but in pc chrome can you use it as safe mode. I’ll show you.

How to start safe mode/incognito mode

In this topic, I’ll show you how to launch incognito mode because it is the same as the safe mode in chrome.

run safe mode

  • You need to do is just open the RUN box by pressing windows+R keys together.
  • Just type- “chrome.exe -incognito” in the run box
  • Then just click OK or enter to start chrome in safe mode.

You can either create a shortcut for the safe mode to start directly from the desktop just do these simple steps:-

Just copy your present Chrome desktop shortcut and glue it elsewhere on the desktop. At that point rename the new shortcut to ‘Google Chrome Safe Mode’. At that point right snap on it and select ‘Properties’. In the target URL area, include ( – incognito) to the URL. At that point click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.

If you are not nat happy by using your browser or having some issues in the browser then switch to safe mode so that you can recognize the problem source. So, at that place, you can use chrome Incognito mode.

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