TappLock, an Intelligent lock that opens with Fingerprint

Locks are the most used long-term solution for keeping any property safe. Although they have been around for decades, they still seem to be very popular and very unchanged for the most part. TappLock aims to change that by adding in a mix of 21st century technology into the classic lock. The TappLock features a fingerprint reader which will enable the user to instantly unlock the lock without the need of any key or combination.

Now, let’s face it, all of us have either lost the key or forgotten the combination for our locks. TappLock aims to simplify that by making use of the most secure password/key that every one has, the fingerprint. By implementing a fingerprint reader on the lock, you never have to keep a key or remember a password combination ever again.

TappLock and the Fingerprint reader


The TappLock system uses an encrypted fingerprint reader (FPC 1020), and they claim that the technology is virtually fail-safe. Thanks to that if anyone tries to fool the system by replicating your fingerprint, the system will sent out an alarm which will notify the user immediately.

TappLock is manufactured very rugged and is ready to face any harsh weather. Seeing as this lock will be used as many locks would be used, outdoors, it is made very tough, and will withstand any elements of nature, like Rain, Heat, Condensation, dust etc.

To setup the TappLock is very simple. It is done though a mobile app which is available for iOS as well as Android, and is a very simple setup process. The TappLock can store upto 200 unique fingerprints, so if you are a business, which has a warehouse and needs to give access to multiple employees, this will still let you achieve that. Actually, the TappLock is more versatile for business implications, because regular padlocks only have a maximum of 3 keys which come with it, and one has to go though a lot of trouble to make multiple copies of the key.

TappLock & TappLite


Yes, there are two versions of the TappLock. There is the TappLock, and there is the TappLite. The TappLock has a lithium ion battery which will last for over 3 years, whereas the TappLite will only last for about 6 months. Additionally, TappLite has a memory limitation, which means, the number of fingerprints which can be stored are very less compared to that of the TappLock.

TappLock is still is a project that is trying to take off, however, with the idea being very impressive, a lot of backers have already backed the project on Indiegogo. There is still a month till the project comes to an end. If you would like to back this project, you can do so here.

Pricewise, the most basic lock, the TappLite will cost you $29 USD, while the more adwanced, TappLock, will set you back $50 USD, which is very reasonable if not a killer deal. Those who have already backed the project on Indiegogo will start to receive the first units out of manufacturing line starting this September.



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