Tanix TX3 Max TV Box Supporting 4K Video at $24.99

When you own a regular TV and want to turn it into a smart TV, you don’t have to buy a new TV. There is always a simpler way. Say, for this purpose, you can acquire a TV box, connect it to your regular TV, and viola, it has ‘smart capabilities’ now. Usually, when I want to buy a TV and the store manager offers me a smart TV, I leave the store immediately. Of course, smart TVs do more. But when thinking of the money you have to pay for a smart TV, and comparing it with the additional functions we get, it becomes obvious, it doesn’t deserve the money. I mean why we have to pay additional $100 or so for a functionality that can be adjusted to the TV for $25. Agree that we don’t use the smart capabilities of a TV regularly. We only need it when want to watch a special video content, less regularly to play games, etc. Now, tell me whether these functions are worth of paying $100 or more if the TV itself costs around $250. Of course, no. And if you wonder how you can choose a good TV box, here is a great offer. GearBets is selling the Tanix TX3 Max for $24.99. Of course, it’s not a top-end model, but there is everything you will need in a daily use.

Tanix TX3 Max

The TV boxes shouldn’t be packed with the most powerful and latest chips. They do not implement so many and heavy operations as PCs. In this sense, the Tanix TX3 Max comes with the Amlogic S905W quad-core CPU, which has been appeared on a number of TV boxes. And we have to say they all perform quite well. The chip is also paired with a 2GB of RAM and a 16GB of flash storage. Yes, the memory is not large. But it’s enough for a smooth performance.

Apart from hardware, when buying a TV box, you should pay attention to the software. In this sense, the TV box shouldn’t run on the latest Android OS. Android 6 or 7 version is quite sufficient. This model runs on Android 7.1.

Tanix TX3 Max

Finally, we should take a look at the connectivity options and the decoding capabilities of this device. In terms of ports, it carries AV, DC Power Port, HDMI, RJ45, SPDIF, TF Card, and two USB 2.0 ports. Also, it supports 4K resolution and H.265 decoding technology.


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