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T-bao Tbook R8 Review: Ultrabook Priced Under $200

Chinese manufacturers are gaining momentum. Seems nothing else could stop them. But this is not bad at all. A few years back, the printing ‘Made in China’ may repel customers. As for now, this phrase means (most likely) we are dealing with a good product sporting many decent features and priced affordably. Say, a couple of years ago you couldn’t afford yourself to get your hands on a good ultrabook priced under-0. Now there are myriads of great laptops with such a low price tag. The T-bao Tbook R8 is the best example of them. The only thing we don’t like in this notebook is its logo.

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T-bao Tbook R8 Appearance

Actually, there are many features we should pay attention to when buying a laptop, but we take into account only two of them – the design and performance. So let’s start with the former one.

The T-bao Tbook R8 is a large-size ultrabook, that’s why its packaging is large as well. It comes in a hard cardboard and the device is wrapped in a special bubble paper. So when ordering this device, you shouldn’t worry about its safety.

T-bao Tbook R8

Inside the box, you shouldn’t find many accessories, only those that you need the most. There is a charger, plug adapter, a user manual (Chinese), and the laptop itself.

T-bao Tbook R8

The T-bao Tbook R8 is a true ultrabook coming with dimensions of 43.00 x 32.50 x 8.50 cm and weighing only 1.87kg. This is not the most lightweight laptop we have ever seen, but it is still very portable.

The housing is made of plastic. But we guess you haven’t waited for a metal housing on a notebook under-$200, right? On the top, we have a logo, which looks cartoonish. This manufacturer mainly comes with good products, but it should do something with its logo.

T-bao Tbook R8

On the sides, the T-Bao Tbook R8 carries a microphone hole, DC5V port, USB 3.0 port, HDMI port, SD card slot, 3.5mm audio jack, and USB 2.0 port. Though there are not many interfaces, you can find everything you will need in a daily use.

T-bao Tbook R8 T-bao Tbook R8

The screen is 15.6 inches and it provides a Full HD resolution. Thus this laptop is capable of providing great viewing experience due to its IPS screen.

T-bao Tbook R8

The bezels are not large, but the manufacturer has contrived to put a camera on the upper side. There are small rubbers to prevent the screen from hurtling the keyboard.

T-bao Tbook R8

It comes with a full-sized keyboard, but the numeric part lacks. The only thing we didn’t like in this keyboard is the power on/off button layout. It’s placed in the upper right corner, where usually the Delete button is located. But we think it’s a matter of time, and you will learn its location after a few accidental shutdowns.

T-bao Tbook R8

The touchpad is large, and it comes in a square shape rather than a rectangular shape. Can’t say whether such a large touchpad is good or not, but it’s easy to use, as we can put both hands on the laptop without touching the touchpad accidentally.

The bottom of the laptop carries only a couple of speakers placed near to edges and four rubber legs. As you see, the T-bao Tbook R8 uses a fan-less system.

T-bao Tbook R8

T-bao Tbook R8 Hardware

The T-bao Tbook R8 looks attractive. But honestly, we can find many ultrabooks with a fashionable design on the market. So this laptop wins customers’’ hearts due to its hardware as well. Of course, it doesn’t sport the latest-gen Intel core-i line chips like the Xiaomi Notebook Pro, but the Intel Cherry Trail X5-Z8350 is a very popular chip among Chinese notebooks. It is also paired with a 4GB of DDR3L RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage.

T-bao Tbook R8

Earlier, when this chip was launched, PCWorld came in with an interesting article mentioning up to 7 things you should know about the Intel’s ‘Cherry Trail’ Atom chips. Let’s take a quick look at those points because they describe the X5-Z8350 the best.

If not aware of, the Microsoft Surface 3 was the first to come with a Cherry Trail Atom chip. As the manufacturer mentioned, the Atom X5 and X7 are better at graphics than their ‘Bay Trail’ predecessors. But there are many other improved features as well.

Multiple OSes – this chip supports both Windows and Android. But the most laptops and tablets powered by it run on Windows OS.

Strong graphics – this SoC provides twice the graphics performance as its predecessors. Thus the gaming should be amazing on the T-bao Tbook R8.

T-bao Tbook R8

Battery life – the laptop comes with a 10.000mAh battery that provides up to 7 hours of continuous using.

Basic application performance – though the graphics have been improved a lot, the CPU performance didn’t see many enhancements. On the other hand, the performance it provides is quite sufficient for daily tasks.

T-bao Tbook R8

SoC for various types of products – this chip finds its way into a wide range of devices. This simply means the manufacturer has made it for different uses. Therefore the T-bao Tbook R8 can be purchased for various needs/goals.

Wireless charging – though this SoC supports wireless charging, the laptop maker didn’t enable it on this model

3D cameras – another feature hinting at this chip’s large opportunities. Cherry Trail comes with technologies to support Intel’s depth-sensing RealSense 3D camera technology, which can measure distance and recognize objects. But as the Tbook R8 comes only with a 0.3MP camera, this feature doesn’t work on our model.

T-bao Tbook R8

We have tested the T-Bao Tbook R8 via various benchmarks, and we have to state it showcased quite acceptable performance. But as we are dealing with a laptop priced under-$200, it’s reasonable why it yields beasts such as the Teclast Tbook 16 Power and Cube Thinker.

T-bao Tbook R8


The T-bao Tbook R8 has everything you need for a regular use. Many think the processor is a bit weaker than required, but it runs on a 14nm process technology, and it’s very popular among laptops from this range. Apart of this, the T-bao Tbook R8 has a very stylish design at 9mm thickness and weight of 1.87kg. It’s made of a material not leaving a fingerprint on it. Shortly, this device is a great option for those who are looking for a cheap but good laptop.


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