SYMA Z3 Review | Intelligent Foldable FPV Drone

SYMA is a common name in the market of drones and they have different types of quality drones. This time SYMA came with SYMA Z3 FPV drone. SYMA Z3 came with lots of exciting features and as per experts’ opinion, it can be a good option for various types of usage. In this article, I am gonna discuss every pros and con about SYMA Z3. So stay connected for a complete SYMA Z3 720P  FPV RC Drone review.

SYMA Z3 Review

Now we will see its design and appearance and then will discuss its main features in details. So let’s go.

Design and Appearance

First of all, SYMA Z3 is a cool looking drone. Its simple design with smooth and perfect arrangements made its appearance attractive.

SYMA Z3 is a medium size FPV drone with a white body. Its four propellers are designed smoothly and they have been placed strongly with nuts over them.

Its battery is in the core of its main body part with extra battery protection. Its landing gear somehow seems a lil bit unique to me and this simple design of landing gear made SYMA Z3’s size medium and attractive look.

The optical sensor is placed under its main body part, on the lower surface. The HD WiFi camera is in its front face and I think this camera cannot be designed and placed more perfectly.

Its every part has been designed in a proper way. Especially its attractive design of the camera and landing gear makes it appearance cool. Its light-weight and medium-size design make you able to carry and use it in a comfortable way.

There is nothing negative to tell about SYMA Z3’s design and appearance. Its bright and cool design will amuse you certainly.

SYMA Z3 Review

The Hardware

It’s a product from SYMA, a leading and well known name for drones. It’s a Quadcopter.

It’s made of ABS thermoplastic and PS materials have made SYMA Z3 light, rigid and physically durable and strong.

The curve lines in the propellers are designed to prevent the wind resistance during the flight. SYMA came with 6 axis gyro this time with SYMA Z3 which assures safer flights and prevents any kind of unwanted situation during flight times. Curve lines and 6 axis gyro support will provide you unimpeded flight experiences surely.

The Barometer and optical flow sensors are designed to provide a good stability during flight time.

The HD 720P WiFi camera can transmit HD videos in real time during an FPV flight. You can record the videos directly in your smartphones with their FPV app. You can easily download FPV app from their official website. This HD WiFi camera enables HD videos and clear photo shooting with the support of barometer and optical flow sensors.

So, that’s all about its hardware components. Its built in materials and good hardware properties make it a better flyer for your daily usage.

Connectivity and network connections

Its connectivity and network connection system are strong and surprisingly good enough. It enables you to control it via a 2.4 GHz wireless remote controller. You can control it with its remote controller or with your smartphones. They provide an application for your smartphone to easily control it and capture images and videos. Its WiFi system works with almost all smartphones and tablets. You can control it from 80M distance. Its 2.4 GHz wireless technology assures amazing flight experience with good anti-interference performance.

SYMA Z3 Review

Optical Flow positioning System And Barometric Pressure Hover function

This is an exciting feature and it makes SYMA Z3 a smart and intelligent drone.

It can collect obstacles data with its optical flow sensor. You can lock this drone with exact height and precise location. When the remote control system is inactive, the drone is locked automatically and remains in its current position. Optical Flow positioning and barometric pressure enable you double locking system. This locking and double locking system enable more clear and bright photo shooting and video performance.

Headless Mode

SYMA Z3 is giving the opportunity to enjoy headless mode. This feature is helpful if you are not an experienced one in drone flying or for kids entertainment purpose. If the headless mode is not enabled, then you have to be well known about the directions of drone flying and then you can operate the drone. But the headless mode enables you to use it for your daily activities without knowing those complicated kinds of stuff. Even this headless mode enabled drones are being used as an entertainment toy for kids nowadays!

Powerful and long lasting battery

SYMA Z3 has come with long-lasting battery life. It has 3.7V 850mAh LiPo powerful battery. Its flying time can reach up to 8 minutes. There is an external packaging in the battery. This packaging provides extra security for battery and increases battery lifetime. Now you can easily replace your battery in SYMA Z3. This is incredible. The fast USB charging is enabled with indicator light.


Powerful And User-Friendly Control System

SYMA Z3 came with an amazing control system. One thing worth mentioning here its controlling system is simple and user-friendly. You can control it in two ways.

You will get a remote controller with the SYMA Z3 package. The remote

controller is powerful as it uses 2.4 GHz wireless with anti-interference technology. There are a lot of control options but they are too simple to use. There is a button for on/off system. The most amazing thing is one key takes off button for easy recall control. Just click here and SYMA Z3 will take off instantly.

There are two buttons for choosing photo shooting or video recording. The left and right joysticks can be used for headless mode, manage the flight speed or for trimmer mode. There is a one-click button for the exciting 3D shunt feature.

You can control SYMA Z3 with your smartphone. You have to download the app from their official website or you can scan the QR code on the manual for easy download. Every controlling option of the remote controller will be available in the app and you can simply control it like with the remote controller.

This is all about its remote control system. I find it awesome. An easy and simple control system will make your experience with SYMA Z3 great and amazing.

Other Functions

SYMA Z3 has many more exciting features. Let’s take a look.

It’s an integrated foldable drone. You can easily carry it in your backpack with its 12.5 cm folding design. It can be folded within 4 seconds.

Here comes an interesting one. 360 degree 3D stunt is enabled here and you just have to press one key if you want to enjoy this amazing one.

You can enjoy Aerial Photography, Air Press Altitude Hold and FPV support with SYMA Z3.

You will get one RC Drone with Battery Included, four Propellers, one USB Cable,  one Screwdriver, one English Manual, one Remote Control and one Mobile Phone Holder with SYMA Z3 package.

A few more words regarding SYMA Z3

Everything is fine here. The configuration and overall performance seemed satisfactory to me. But some users complained they are not getting optical flow sensor support properly and that’s why the optical flow positioning system isn’t working properly in their prototypes. That’s not a big deal. I hope SYMA will consider those complaint seriously and will check it in their further products properly.


That’s all about SYMA Z3 FPV drone. You have seen there are some incredible features. There is nothing negative without its optical flow sensor and this problem has occurred in some cases. The amazing features like headless mode, HD video transmission, the folding opportunity will amuse you certainly. You will be attracted by its cool design. So, finally, it’s a good one and its performance is much better. You can consider it. That’s my final verdict from my personal experience.


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