(Flash Deal) Syma X8 Pro Quadcoptor: WiFi FPV, 720P Camera, For Just $79.99

SYMA X8 Pro is a FPV RC Quadcopter, there have several reasons for you to choose it. Firstly, Syma X8 Pro Quadcoptor has FPV real time transmission function, equipped with WiFi you can transfer image or video directly to your phone and share them at the moment.

Buy Syma X8 Pro Quadcoptor: WiFi FPV, 720P Camera, For Just $79.99

On board the Syma X8 Pro Quadcoptor is a 1MP Wi-Fi camera with a 90 degree viewing angle (FOV), the video transmitter of which has become noticeably more powerful, but still broadcasts at 2.4GHz, thus limiting the potential of the radio transmitter of control equipment. A similar camera was equipped with the previous model X8HW (only in another “case”).

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The Syma X8 Pro battery pack is packed into the box and installed in the drone as in most UAVs of the premium segment, no wires or plugs. In the box, all the same two cans of lithium-polymer (LiPo) batteries with a capacity of 2000 mAh. According to the specification, the flight time is not more than 9 minutes. In practice, with a mixed style of FPV piloting in windless weather, this time was about 7-8 minutes. Charging time is not more than one and a half hours.

According to the manufacturer’s specification, the distance of the FPV removal is no more than 70 meters. In practice, this distance in the area free from interference was a record 170 meters (control is cut off, the picture remains stable).

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  1. In the hold mode, the height does not hang exactly. Periodically, with a different circular amplitude, changes its position within a radius of 1-3 meters.
  2. Incorrectly responds to the movement of sticks (for a few seconds stops to obey the controls)
  3. In flight, after the pilot releases the stick, the drone does not freeze, but spontaneously with the horizontal increasing acceleration continues the unguided flight.
  4. Return mode kvadrokopter performs extremely incorrectly. Returns to the take-off point not in a straight line, but in a constantly changing curve. Landing is carried out in different places far beyond the radius of 1.5 meters. (up to 1.5 meters from the take-off point, the standard error for UAVs with GPS).
  5. All these symptoms manifest themselves at different intervals and are unpredictable. At moments when the bug does not show up, the drones show distinctive dynamics, controllability, and positioning accuracy. We strongly recommend that you refrain from buying Syma X8Pro before stable positive reviews appear.

If course, the introduction of the GPS module should positively affect the piloting of the Syma X8 Pro and if you exclude the main disadvantages, the Symra X8 Pro quadrocopter will by tradition become one of the best budget drone in the category up to $100. Syma X8 Pro Quadcoptor is now available on Gearbest for just $79.99 On Limited Flash sale with 33% OFF.

Buy Syma X8 Pro Quadrocopter For Just $79.99

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