SXmini Mi Class Kit is available for just $39.99

   Mi is the best for their products. This SXmini mi class kit is a utilizing YiHi SX290 chipset, bringing powerful performance for your vaping. SXmini Mi class kit constructed with stainless steel. SXmini Mi class kit comes with one SXmini Mi class and for connecting this provides you USB cable.  For your help will provide you user manual. This is available in four colors.

Sxmini 1

Size of this product is 20.6mm * 85.5mm * 20.2mm. The battery capacity of Mi mini kit is 400mAh with this power you can enjoy for lots of time. The battery is fixed in the device. The power range of this product is 7 ~ 13W and the cartridge capacity is 1.8 ml easy to refill. Coil material is fixed in this design and resistance is 1.0 ohm. This is very light weighted and the net weight is 140g.

Sxmini 1

This is like a pen. When you want to use the first you fill up with the flavored liquid and then you add flavors in this smoke pen after adding it the flavor liquid convert in steam form. With the power battery, this liquid convert in steam and after you can inhale.

Sxmini 1

Buy the SXmini mi class kit for just $39.90 at Vapesorcing

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