Surprise! Xiaomi Mi Mix in White Color Leaked – Looks Stunning!

There’s no doubt, Xiaomi Mi Mix is the greatest phone of the century. A huge gap in the advancement of smartphones with the edge-to-edge screen and ceramic chassis. Still, that’s only the trailer from Xiaomi as it’s only a concept phone, the real one has yet to come.

xiaomi mi mix white

Currently, Xiaomi Mi Mix is on sale with the only one color option to select which is black. Although, Xiaomi Mi Mix looks incredible in black color but still only one color can’t cover all audience. Recently, some Weibo users exposed a white version of Xiaomi Mi Mix.

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From the photos above, the white version looks absolutely stunning; enormous screen-to-body ratio and  the whole ceramic white colored shell. Still, it’s not better than the black version as it has an ugly side or we should call “visible” black side, that never blends with the white color.

It appears that Xiaomi is working hard to promote and divide the flagship to attract more people. First, we saw a 5.5-inch Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano leaked and now a white version of the standard Mix. Will Mi Mix Nano also come with white color? If yes, will you grab one? Comment!

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