Super Soco arrives in Spain with its Scooter as the brand “Ecooter”

Last year, on many internet portals, the news of the “Xiaomi motorcycle” was a sensation. But the reality is that Xiaomi only collaborated with the distribution and crowdfunding of this scooter. The manufacture comes from the hand of a Chinese company called Super Soco. At that time the distribution of the scooter was only within China, but now they are looking to expand and have arrived in Spain on their own, without help from Xiaomi. The brand has undergone a change because from now on we will know it as “Ecooter” in the European country and its first vehicle is the E1R model. Let’s know the details a little!

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Super Soco Ecooter E1R arrives in Spain – What does it have to offer?

As mentioned, Super Soco in Spain debuts as Ecooter launching the E1R model, a scooter equivalent to a 125cc. Remember that this motorcycle is electric, being a perfect combination of innovation, high performance and sophisticated design with high quality finishes. It is designed for short urban trips, you do not have to worry about fuel consumption and it only needs minimal maintenance.

Super Soco Scooter E1R

To increase the driving performance, it is equipped with EBS (Electric Braking System) and FOC, which recycle the dynamic energy during braking and limit the energy during acceleration allowing a range of up to 120 km.

Inside it comes equipped with an LG Lithium battery of 6V/40Ah and a capacity of 2.56KWh. The maximum discharge current is 32.5A and has two charging times: a normal one of 6-7h and a fast one of 4.5-5.5h. The type of motor is brushless with a maximum power of 4200W. Its dimensions are 1750 x 645 x 1075mm, while the wheelbase is 1260mm and the seat has a height of 730mm. Also, without a battery, the E1R weighs 76Kg, to this we must add 12.9Kg which is the weight of the battery.

Super Soco Scooter E1R

The lights are Full LED and scooter comes in 4 colors: gray, white, black and red. The scooter E1R has a price that varies from $3049.25 (around 2690 euros) to $4182 (around 3690 euros).


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