Official Super Mario Run For Android ( How To Get & GamePlay)

Super Mario run the game that broke all the download records in the first week of its release. Originally it is released in December 2016 for iOS Devices and now it is officially available for android devices.

So basically I am going to show you how you can get Super Mario Run right now on your android devices. And I will also show you the gameplay of this game explaining all the stuff about this game.

So now with that been said let’s start.


Step by step tutorial (Recommended)




If you have already pre-registered yourself for this game in the past then I guess you have already got the notification of its availability. But if you haven’t done the pre-registration then don’t worry. Just go to play store and search for super Mario run and you will see it listed. But still it’s not available in some specific regions and if your region is one of them then don’t worry I will also leave an APK file link thought which you can download this game and install it on your android devices.



Download Link


But before installing the game make sure that unknown sources is enabled and to do that just go to setting and then security, there you will find the option for unknown sources so just enable it. Now you are almost done just download the APk file and open it and just hit this install button and you are done.

Now let’s have a look over the gameplay of this game. In Super Mario Run, Mario runs from left to right automatically. Tapping the screen makes him do a small jump. Hold the screen longer, and he jumps higher. That’s all that you have to do and it’s a very interesting and pretty much addictive.

Unlike every Mario game the objective here is same your objective is to make it to the flagpole at the end of the level before the timer runs out. Aside from the usual gold coins, each level has three sets of special coins to collect — pink, purple, and black. Collecting one full set unlocks another version of the level, with the coins hidden in places that are more difficult to reach and that’s what make this game interesting.

The version which I am playing is a trial version of super Mario run in which you get a trial of all three modes, in World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder, before having to pony up a one-time fee of Rs. 800 / $9.99 to unlock everything else.


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