Sunroad FR803 Smartwatch Review: Great functionality at a moderate price

The era of wearing watches solely for the purpose of checking time has passed and today, technology has afforded us the opportunity to execute lots of tasks just by wearing a smart watch band. Smart watches are now wearable mini computers with many of them sporting their own mobile applications and running on an operating system. Some of them function like portable media players and you can playback your audio and video files.

A lot of smart watches out there now have LCD or OLED screens, they can even receive phone calls, send emails owing to their ability to connect via a Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth. The Sunroad FR803 smartwatch is also a typical smart watch that performs an array of outdoors tasks irrespective of where you are, you can connect through its Bluetooth to achieve a number of things.

Sunroad FR803 Smartwatch Full Review

Sunroad FR803 Smartwatch Review - Design

Package Contents

  • Watch.
  • CR2032 Battery.
  • Cleaning Cloth.
  • User Manual.

The Sunroad FR803 smart watch comes with a CR2032 battery, the smartwatch itself and a piece of cleaning cloth for cleaning the watch. It also comes with a user manual.


Sunroad FR803 Smartwatch Review - Build

The Sunroad FR803 smart watch is a waterproof smartwatch for outdoorsmen, if you an active person who regularly engages like camping, running or swimming then, the FR803 is your companion. The Sunroad FR803 is specifically built to stand the harsh conditions associated with outdoor activities unlike many watches out there.

Sunroad FR803 Smartwatch Review - Straps

For people who swim or engage in water sports, the smartwatch is made of 5 ATM waterproof, which implies that no matter how much time you spend getting wet, you can rest assure that your smart watch is safe.

Sunroad FR803 Smartwatch Review - Controls

The Sunroad FR803 smart watch comes with a LED backlight displayed via its small LCD screen for easy use in the dark. The smart watch features a whole lot of applications for long distance trekkers, hikers and people who generally engage in outdoor activities.

Sunroad FR803 Smartwatch Review - Battery

It comprises an array of sensors and electronic weather instruments that can accurately tell you the information that you require. It contains a thermometer that can conveniently display real-time weather conditions, as for people who are into mountaineering, you can also get to know your altitude and your pressure via its barometer. With the Sunroad FR803 smart watch, campers can never miss their way, because the watch contains a GPS that can lead you to where you can get help.

Hardware and Software

The Sunroad FR803 smart watch is compatible with Android 4.0 and iOS 7.0 operating system.


The Sunroad FR803 smart watch can also connect to other devices via its Bluetooth 4.0, you can connect your devices to it to receive an incoming call, messages and you can be notified by an incoming mail. When you go hiking, you can go without necessarily carrying your laptop with you.

Sunroad FR803 Smartwatch Specifications

? Time functions: hours, minutes, seconds, year (2010-2099), month, day, day of week, 12H / 24H
? Bluetooth
? Alarm
? timer (99:59:59 ~ 0)
? Stopwatch (0 ~ 99:59:59)
? The time of sunrise and sunset
? Step counter, pedometer, calorie counter, distance record
? compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, measure air pressure and altitude
? 48-hour graph of air pressure
? 24-hour graph the amount and rate of climb
? 48-hour recording of air pressure and 24-hour record of altitude
? Weather Forecast
? The indicator
? The inclusion/exclusion.
? Reminder battery life
? 5ATM waterproof casing (5 ATM = 5 Bar: class waterproof allows you to watch immersion in water).

? Colour: Black.
? EL Backlight.


  • Provides integrated compass, barometric pressure, temperature, pedometer, world time function that you desire.
  • Time / date / week / alarm clock / countdown. Smart reminds you of suitable fishing time.
  • Sunrise and sunset of the world’s major cities.
  • Bluetooth mode: Support Android system, iOS system for Selfie, Call and message remind.
  • GPS service saves location mountaineering record and automatic altitude correction.


  • Does not have a portable media player.

Sunroad FR803 Smart Watch Review – Conclusion

Outdoors events have just become a new experience with the Sunroad FR803 Smart watch, the watch can be used to perform a whole lot of tasks without you remembering that you have a phone. With subsequent Sunroad smart watches, we hope that they can incorporate a media player that will aid people’s sporting and hiking activities. Nevertheless, the Sunroad FR803 is an impressive smartwatch, especially at that price.


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