Stylish Turn-down Collar Coat – Perfect For Winter Now Available For Only $23.58

There is virtually no one who doesn’t want to look good. Although some people don’t really care, if you get them some classic clothing, they will certainly appreciate it.  Winter is here and we all need some sort of coat to keep us warm. Today, we have the perfect item for you. We are talking about the Stylish Turn-down Collar Warm Comfort Coat which is very cheap and with only $24, you can be a proud owner of this amazing coat.

This coat is available in black, cadet blue and dark grey colours and all sizes are available. For a perfect blend, the Stylish Turn-down Collar Warm Comfort Coat is made of 55 percent of cotton blend and 45 percent of polyester. The high-quality material ensures that this product is wear resistant and durable. The front side has a six-button design with two waist pockets and a couple of inner pockets.  It fully covers your body up to the lower part of your neck. If you use a tie, only the upper part of the tie will be visible.

The Stylish Turn-down Collar Warm Comfort Coat can be used as a corporate wear and you don’t have to swap suits for that important event. You can also wear it on top of your corporate wear and when you get to a warm environment, you simply take it off.  It is not completely waterproof but the polyester material and the thick cotton design ensures that water does not easily penetrate. Therefore, you can use it when it drizzles or in a snowy environment without any problems. It is also not very heavy as it weighs only 1kg and it can be worn with relative ease.  Although it is tagged a men’s coat, with the appropriate size, a female can also wear this coat and it will look lovely.  See the size chart below

Our Size Chest Length Shoulder Width Sleeve Length
M 38 .in 28 .in 16 .in 24 .in
L 40 .in 29 .in 17 .in 24 .in
XL 41 .in 30 .in 17 .in 24 .in
2XL 43 .in 31 .in 18 .in 25 .in
3XL 44 .in 31 .in 18 .in 25 .in

Where To Buy The Stylish Turn-down Collar Warm Comfort Coat

The Stylish Turn-down Collar Warm Comfort Coat is currently available on Gearbest for only $23.58. This is a very good price and an absolute steal.  Use the link below to make the purchase



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