STARESSO Espresso Maker Available at $49.99 Only

Are you an Espresso enthusiast and looking for a coffee maker to carry wherever you want? You have found it! STARESSO brings a functional Espresso maker with a very compact design and cool functionality. The STARESSO Espresso maker is sold at $49.99.

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This is an ideal gadget to take with when you are going to have a vacation or business trip. It’s very easy to use if you want to experiment with different styles of coffee. How is the coffee being made? Not a difficult process you know, just a few pumps and the amazing cup of Espresso is ready. The coolest thing is that no electricity or batteries are needed for it to work.

STARESSO Espresso maker

Besides the tasty Espresso, you can also make quick Cold Brew, French coffee, and even milk foam tea.

P.S. the process of preparing Quick Cold Brew will take for about a few minutes from you, while the traditional cold brew machine can make the same coffee at least in a few hours.

Features Working Process

The Staresso Espresso maker has been made of stainless steel and ABS plastic and weighs 330 grams only, without the glass shot. The package includes a measuring cup, cleaning brush, spare sealing ring and 2 Espresso shots.

The gadget has a stainless steel plunger on the top, which you should push down and twist to lock it in its place firmly. The can carry 80ml of water, which is ideal for a making a great cup of Espresso.

The main cap of the Staresso Espresso Maker, which keeps the coffee basket, is located at the bottom. The measuring cup gives you a chance to add the coffee to the basket without any efforts or tossing out from it. When the cup is screwed back, just add the water and start the process of making your first shot of Espresso.

STARESSO Espresso maker

The pumping process is very easy, you just need to hold the STARESSO Espresso maker from your left hand and pump with the right once. No need for many pumps, just a number of them is enough to get your flavored coffee.

It’s very important to know that the pumping process brings some noise. So if you are a morning coffee lover you would better to find a separate place to make your coffee.

The bottom line

If you are looking for an affordable and quality coffee maker than the STARESSO Espresso Coffee Maker is highly recommended.

STARESSO Espresso maker

Staresso known as the winner of the Reddot 2016 will give you the chance to brew not only espresso but also Cappuccino, cold brew and other types of coffee. It’s easy to clean and keep for the other cup of coffee. The Staresso Portable Coffee Maker is the perfect choice for avid and casual coffee drinkers.


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