[Deal] Sricam SP022: The Panoramic Fisheye Camera only for $27.54 (Coupon Inside)!

Sricam is a global leader in IP camera and security monitoring solutions. Their R & D is highly experienced and capable of introducing high-tech security cameras for you and your security. Sricam design, develop and manufacture the finest security and surveillance equipment for their customers and have been introducing new products now and then in the market. The company has always strived to provide value through their products. Sricam has introduced an eyeball shaped mini IP camera ‘Sricam SP022’ that gives a 360-degree panoramic view and has built-in wifi connectivity.

The Sricam SP022: Fisheye Shaped Mini IP Camera with 360 Degree View

Design and Appearance

The Sricam SP022 is a mini IP camera that comes in black and gray multicolor. It is shaped like an eyeball and is very small in size. The dimensions of this mini IP camera are 2.17 x 2.17 x 1.57 inches only, and the camera weighs only 46 grams. The Sricam SP022 mini camera can only be used in an indoor environment and is not waterproof so outdoors are not for this mini camera. The mini size and eyeball special shape make it easy to use and carry. The Sricam PS022 can monitor anytime and anywhere.

Sricam SP022

Performance and Connectivity

The Sricam SP022 mini camera features 10 LEDs that provide a 360-degree panoramic view with 960p resolution. The surveillance camera enables it to monitor wide range via the APP control. The camera can capture fine night vision images at a distance of 10 meters. The camera provides 960P HD resolution at 25 fps and is capable of detecting motion, capturing video in real-time and night mode, and also can take screenshots. The Sricam SP022 mini video camera lets you stay in touch with anything you love all the time. The fisheye camera is easy to set up and connect it with your mobile via the mobile app. The built in wifi provides enhanced connectivity. Simply install the device where ever you want to, download the Sricam mobile app and connect the camera to the built-in AP hotspot. You can live stream the video on the mobile app anytime and anywhere. Capture every moment with the wide-angle 360-degree view.  The Sricam SP022 features a two-way talk system that means you can listen to whatever is happening in the room and also say what you have to say. The built-in speakers of the fisheye camera will let you hear and say at the same time.

Sricam SP022

System and Hardware

The mobile app for the Sricam SP022 is easily downloadable on both iOS and Android smartphones. You will also get alarmed notifications via email along with a photo. The local storage of this IP camera used a micro SD card up to 64GB. Anything can come into view with the maximum monitoring range of 360-degrees.

Price and Availability

Good news! The amazing fish eye mini camera, Sricam SP022 is on sale at Gearbest at a price of only $29.54. But you can get it even for cheaper price which is $27.34, with the coupon code:


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