Spy Photos Leaks a Xiaomi Mi 3D Printer – A Surprise Awaits!

Who says Xiaomi is all about smartphones? Xiaomi is manufacturer from the Chinese land which promotes consumer electronics and it doesn’t include smartphones only. Xiaomi is expanding its Empire in almost every direction possible The company has yielded around 25 different products and looks like the numbers will increase to 26 as the rumors of Xiaomi Mi 3D Printer hits the internet.

Xiaomi Mi 3D Printer

Surprised or not? We had the same reaction when we saw the spy photos leaked on Weibo featuring Xiaomi Mi 3D Printer. The foremost thing we witness on the leaked 3D Printer is the logo of Mi which confirms that it’s a Xiaomi related product. Secondly, mentioning the design, the printer is compact and lightweight as the chassis appears to be molded from plastic. On the front,  we see the hazy shell engraved with the Mi Logo. The components inside the 3D Printer are vivid.

Xiaomi Mi 3D Printer

On the front,  we see the hazy glass engraved with the Mi Logo. The components inside the 3D Printer are apparent. For the safety, it is entirely covered apart from the opening lid at the bottom and the hood at the top. To be honest, it looks more like a laser engraver as the shape is like a cylindrical tower with a triangular base.

Xiaomi is known to feature something smart in electronics such as an app support, WiFi, power saving mode. Who knows which highlight will be packed with Xiaomi Mi 3D Printer? All we know is that the features will make the product worth of buying. What do you think? Comment!




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