SpareOne : The AA Battery Emergency Phone


SpareOne, the only company that makes phones that run on AA batteries in this modern Smartphone era. This is a very interesting concept from SpareOne, which utilizes a single AA battery to power a phone, which is intended to use in emergency situations where you can’t charge-up your smartphone or cant get access to a charger.

Forget charging a phone : Just get a couple of AA batteries


As you might have gussed by looking at the phone, it does not have all the fancy features a modern smartphone might have, like WiFi, Android OS, or a 20-MP camera. And this phone is not designed to be one of those; SpareOne is an emergency phone, which works off of a single AA battery for a long time. Nothing more than that, nothing less than that. The phone operates on GSM 2G which is one of the most popular and widely supported network type around the world.

Why should YOU get one?


Imagine a zombie apocalypse, the outbreak of World War 3 at the nuclear level, the end of fossil fuels, a blackout worldwide (I could go on) In all these circumstances, SpareOne could save your life and make your super high end smartphone feel like a rock when the battery runs out.

Jokes aside, this phone is perfect to carry in the glove compartment or as a last resort in case of having to make an emergency call when everything else fails: all you need to take are two AA batteries and you’re good to go for a couple of years without charging the phone ever again.

Its price is around $70 USD and fluctuates very much, right now however, its on sale for just under $50 USD. Which is a killer deal. You can buy one by clicking the button below.

Buy SpareOne Emergency phone for just $50 USD


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