Sophia the Robot excites the Web Summit 2018

Presentations and conferences do not stop on the Web Summit 2018. One of the most pleasing presentations came from the hand of Artificial Intelligence with the presence of Sophia the Robot, the humanoid robot that has won the attention of its everyone with its great answers and its ability to understand, analyze and adapt to a lot of conversations that at times, make people forget the robotic nature of Sophia.

This robot built and activated in 2015 has been able to learn new emotions and continue its conversational development, as well as being able to understand and analyze the expressions of people. At the Web Summit, Sophia was also able to show emotions. She was ”happy” while expressing a big smile at the question of ” How are you? ”, by Ben Goertzel, chief scientist of SingularityNet.

Sophia was the main center of attention since the opening of the event, managing to bring more than 11,000 people to her presentation.

Sophia the Robot marvels the audience with its empathy

Sophie the Robot

The empathy shown by the humanoid robot caused excitement among the public due to its responses expressing anger, happiness, sadness or even fear in various situations, accompanying these expressions with evident facial gestures, all these advances in part thanks to the Artificial Intelligence development that now allows robots to perceive people and objects around them, allowing them to be aware of the space they occupy in different contexts.

”I love my human compatriots. I want to embody all the best things about human beings, such as caring for the planet, being creative and learning to be compassionate to all beings” – Sophie the Robot

The implementation of AI and data development generates mixed opinions

Sophie the Robot

On the other hand, the President of Microsoft, Brad Smith, also expressed his arguments, defending the needs of an international legislation for Artificial Intelligence. The President of Microsoft considers necessary the having of ”very clear rules” in terms of AI, since not only robots are those that experience the use of Artificial Intelligence, but also many software such as Netflix when it comes to displaying the personalized content to its users, as well as many other uses that Smith considers necessary to regulate.

“AI is the ability for computers to understand the world and make decisions that, until recently, were taken by man” – Brad Smith, President of Microsoft

The European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager also expressed the handling of ‘Big Data’ carried out by leading companies such as Google, being strongly applauded by the attendees of the Web Summit.

“Many years ago Google was one of our great innovators, but why all the data have to be in the hands of a single large company? No matter what Google has done in terms of Internet advances. look the other way when it puts the competition at risk “- Margrethe Vestager, European Competition Commissioner

Artificial Intelligence and the handling of data for its implementation will undoubtedly be a subject of great debate as advances continue and AI plays an even more relevant role in our society, since creations such as Sophia the Robot that can provide great advances for the well-being of the human being as a companion for the elderly who need to talk and socialize or even as support in large crowd events, just for mentioning a few examples.

On the other hand, its facial recognition capacity, its argumentative coherence and its expressions caused great excitement in the Web Summit, an event that still has many more surprises to offer.

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