SOOWAY SW – 200 Review

SOOWAY SW – 200 3d printer came with a lot of advanced features, kept in mind more stable printing. The semi enclosed robust and intuitive structure made it a powerful 3d printer. They improved a lot at various aspect like the mainboard, the structural component and the even the functionalities have been reengineered, rethought and redesigned. So, it will be an awesome companion for you to build your dream 3d models. Here we are going to make an honest SOOWAY SW – 200 review, keep scrolling.

SOOWAY SW – 200 Review

Let’s learn its features first.

Design and appearance

The machine is beautifully designed with a combination of sheet metal and profile. The sheet metals are made of steel and the profiles are probably made of aluminum mix metal alloy. However, the built material gave this product much strength and heat release capacity as well.

The machine body structure followed gantry structure means a bridge like structure with supporting profiles which holds the Y axis elements the extruder, nozzle, heater and so on.

It’s a semi enclosed structure means half of area of this product is enclosed with sheet metals, looks like a pc casing. And the left half is built with aluminum profile which seems like the conventional 3d printer.

Unlike the other conventional printers, it has a small control box with a very small display and the control box is not a separate box, so it will take less space. Also, there is a red on of switch at the same end of display.

The maximum print size you will get from here is 200 x 200 x 180mm.

However, the overall design and appearance is pretty and sturdy.

Double Motor at Z axis

You know in 3D printer what the z axis does. It helps to extrude the mold at different height, which allows you to print very irregular shapes and complex object. In SOOWAY SW – 200 you will have Double motors and double screw in Z axis, which allows more precise extruder height control and better print quality.

Single Nozzle

The printer has a single nozzle with 0.4mm diameter and the layer thickness you will have 0.1 to 0.4mm according to you need. The standard nozzle temperature is from room temperature to 250 degree Celsius. Need some safety measure here don’t touch at the nozzle body.

Decent print speed

The print speed of SOOWAY SW-200 is 20-100ms. You know higher print speed lower print quality. You know the one layer of extruded mold take time to cool, and a new layer over a layer creates irregular surface finish of your model. So, higher print rate, lower print quality. But this product has a very reasonable print speed up to 100ms. Which is not much but not low also. You have enough flexibility to get your desired model here changing the print speed.

Seamless Extruder

The extruder is seamless, offers smooth mold extrusion. And the built in system provides an extra facility in printing soft material. Though the printer supports multiple filament type like the ABS, PLA, TPU, Wood and so on.

3 Fans to dissipate heat

This 3d printer came with strong cooling system, which is appreciated by its users and its really and impressive thing. The cooling fans used to dissipate temperature from the heater itself and just extruded layers. The three cooling fan feature helps in better quality printing.

Also, supper cooling facility helps to reduce the plugging or jams and ensures seamless extrusion and better printing.

Easy to assembleSOOWAY SW – 200

The machine followed modular design means the printer is separated with few modules which will be just screwed up and you are done. Everybody like this easy assemble feature.

PEI platform sticker

The platform is wrapped with a PEI (Polyetherimide) sticker, which adhere the model firmly and allows to remove object easily even without a knife. Such type of platform also provides smooth bottom.

Integrated heating platform

The product has integrated heating platform means heated bed. It’s an important feature of modern 3d printers allow to get uniform cooling and uneven heating of the model.

What it does? It holds a certain temperature and keep the extruded model warm and prevents unwanted wrapping of the edges. This happens due to uneven cooling between the surface of the object and the inner plastics. So the heated bed ensures a uniform temperature prevent wrapping and improve the print quality dramatically. So why you don’t like to take the advantages.

Metal Slider Bearing

The SOOWAY SW-200 used metal slider bearing is a type of linear slider bearing which allows seamless one direction movement. You know the goal of using bearing is to get jerk free motion, long life, durability, also low cost and above all get quality print. The metal slider bearing fulfils the goal in this regard.

Other Features it has

At every direction this printer has super position accuracy. In XY direction the printer is accurate at 0.011mm and at Z direction the printer is accurate at 0.0025mm which ensures a very precise printing.

It supports offline printing from SD card and TF card too.

The bad

The meatal slider bearing need maintenance, regular lubrication and cleaning.  The screen they provided is not a touch screen.


The printer has an industrial look and simple DIY printer, perfect for all ranges of people even the professionals could use this machine. Hope this SOOWAY SW-200 review will help you to learn this awesome machine. Happy 3d printing!

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