Soon Xiaomi devices will be available in Germany

This has been considered as the year in which the global expansion of Xiaomi has massified in a huge way, getting to enter several markets such as Europe and improving their position in other already known markets as India. Due to this enormous expansion, the Chinese manufacturer has taken a new step in the European continent and has entered Germany. Well, in fact, they had already entered Germany in November of this year, at the time they collaborated with the local distribution company Axdia in which some of their products were sold. However, their incursion was very superficial.

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Among these products, the company’s smartphones were not included, so in order to import these devices it must be made directly from China or acquired from a European country where an official store of the company is located. However, Xiaomi is struggling to sell their mobile phones very soon in this territory.

A new country for Xiaomi – Germany

According to statements offered on the Winfuture website, “Xiaomi seems to have started a new company in Germany called Shamrock Mobile. The only information about Shamrock Mobile on the web is a page that says “Shamrock Mobile is coming up.” However, if you check the source of the page, you will find the phrase “Shamrock Mobile with Xiaomi technology“. The new company uses a four-leaf clover as its logo”. According to the information presented in the official sources, Shamrock Mobile could be the only provider of Xiaomi phones in Germany at the moment.


This is all that is known to date regarding the uncertain future of this company in Germany, so we will have to wait until next year to see if the manufacturer is willing to reveal a little more information about it.


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