SOOCOO S100 Pro Review – A Real Beast

Video cameras are among the first to join the 4K trend as the maximum resolution available although there are only a few products that have this type of capabilities and you won’t have to break the bank to get them. As of now, there are a handful of options that lets you own such a device for less than 0. SOOCOO S100 Pro is one of such product.

SOOCOO S100 Pro is an action camera that comes at a very affordable price. This device meets all the current needs of users, whether it is recording video in 4K or not. It can connect to the Internet directly through Wi-Fi and it further supports all kinds of adverse conditions without suffering damages. Here I have a detailed review of the capabilities of this camera.

Features of SOOCOO S100 Pro

Brand Soocoo
Lens 170º
Sensor Sony IMX078
screen 2 inch LCD (320 x 240)
Videos 4K (3840 x 2160) 30fps, 2K (2560 x 1440) 30fps, 1080P (1920 x 1080) 60fps / 30fps, 720P (1280 x 720) 120fps / 60fps / 30fps
Photos 12MP / 8MP / 5MP / 4MP
Additional modes Burst mode, timer, loop recording
Modifiable values Exposure, frequency, continuous shooting, 180-degree turn
Connections Mini HDMI, Micro USB (Charge, Data, Webcam) and Slot microSD
Connectivity Wifi
Battery 1050 mAh Polymer Ion-Lithium (removable)
Dimensions 5.90 x 4.10 x 3.20 cm / 62 grams with battery
Accessories Battery, USB cable, charger, quick-release buckle, tripod adapter, velcro belt, stickers, bicycle hook, short connector, long connector, protective casing, etc.
Language: English,French,Spanish,Portuguese,Russian,German,Italian,Dutch,Polish,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Japanese,Korean

Design & Appearance

The SOOCOO S100 Pro Action Camera is molded from a plastic material with a stylish design. This action camera comes in the traditional rectangular design and has a very smooth feel but not too smooth to slip off the hand. It has a sturdy side and the interfaces are located on the left side. It is very portable with dimensions of 5.90 x 4.10 x 3.20 cm and it weighs 62 grams. The design of this model is unique. Its construction has some very sleek touches and the rectangular format includes a screen that occupies almost the entire rear surface.

The sensor and power button are located on the front part, and some physical buttons like ports on it side as stated earlier.The use of plastic material for this device is for it to better withstand blows and harsh conditions because its frames contain an extra protection that is easily seen. Also, its availability covers two colors available, the classic black and another orange that makes it more colorful.

Hardware & Performance

The SOOCOO S100 Pro Action Camera comes with a Novatek 96660 which supports video shooting at 4K. It comes with an IMX078 image sensor to ensure good performance in low-light condition, frame speed, and power consumption. This camera is intelligent enough to keep the videos and photos smooth and in high-definition. The SOOCOO S100 Pro Action Camera ships with a 7G 170/140/110/70 lens for distortion correction and 170-degree ultra wide visual angle.

Water Resistant Capacity

SOOCOO S100 Pro comes with an external protective casing which must be used if you want to immerse it in water. From the official figures, its water resistance capacity can withstand waters of appreciable depths. With the matched waterproof case, you can dive into a 30m deep water and easily shoot videos and capture images under the water.

SOOCOO S100 Pro Sony sensor

The highlight of SOOCOO S100 Pro Action Camera is quite attractive and its sensor is probably one of the most interesting aspects of this camera. As mentioned earlier, this camera sports a Sony IMX078 sensor that promises to natively capture video in 4K at a rate of 30 images per second. This is also complemented by a good processor that also provides support for HDR images and better efficiency in energy consumption. This sensor can reduce its quality to Full HD in case you need to increase the lifespan of its battery. In 1080p shooting, it is possible to record continuously for 120 minutes which is absolutely magnificent.

SOOCOO S100 Pro Screen

The SOOCOO S100 Pro Action Camera sports a 2.0-inch with touch capacity and a good screen resolution which allows you to view real-time HD pictures and videos. This camera is well suited for sports video shooting.

SOOCOO S100 Pro Connectivity & Battery

This camera uses a 13m wireless WiFi connection. The inbuilt integrated WiFi module ensures a stable WiFi connection between the camera and a smartphone. This device comes with a removable 1050 mAh battery with 90 minutes working time at 4K, 2 hours standby time and 2hour 30 minutes charging time. It can be charged using USB cable via PC.


  • Waterproof
  • Sensor manufactured by Sony
  • Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Competitive price


  • Very similar to other models of the competition

Availability & Price of SOOCOO S100 Pro

The SOOCOO S100 Pro Action Camera is currently available on Gearbest for $90.14. This is a very fair price when you consider the fact that most of its counterparts with similar specs go for much more. Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this camera may be shipped to you for FREE.



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