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The main source of inspiration for the Soocas X5 Sonic Electric Toothbrush was pop art. Simple and bright circles and lines of cheerful flowers will burst into everyday life to make it brighter and more saturated through such a seemingly insignificant thing as a toothbrush.

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Related imageBuy Soocas X5 Sonic Electric Toothbrush For Just at $52.28


A unique electric motor with magnetic levitation is a joint development of Japanese and German engineers. Unlike conventional electric motors, it is able to better absorb loads while maintaining output power. Its rotor is constantly within the magnetic field, due to which the effect of magnetic levitation is manifested. Power is effectively transferred from the rotor to the cleaning head, where high-frequency vibrations and vibrations are created, allowing you to deeply clean hard-to-reach spots.

The Soocas X5 toothbrush has an electric motor with magnetic levitation, developed jointly by German and Japanese scientists. The rotor of the engine during operation is suspended and there is no friction. This engine supports 37,200 pulses per minute with an ampoule of 18.5 degrees, which allows for deeper cleaning. The toothbrush kit includes 3 nozzles: whitening, for sensitive teeth and polishing. The nozzles are made of soft Dupont bristles, which are protected from abrasion and quickly clean teeth.


When the user starts to put too much pressure on the brush, the smart chip is triggered, after which the warning red ring on the neck of the brush lights up and the frequency of vibrations changes so as not to damage the teeth. Interchangeable nozzles for the Soocas X5 have an integrated NFC chip. It automatically calculates how much you use the nozzle and after three months will notify you of the need to replace the nozzle with a new one.


To prevent the splashing of toothpaste. The brush has a soft start function, the vibration of the cleaning nozzle will begin only after placing it in the oral cavity. To ensure that all teeth are cleaned, the Soocas X5 toothbrush every 30 seconds will notify you with reduced vibration. That it is time to move to the next section of teeth. The whole process takes 2 minutes. Soocas X5 has Bluetooth and is connected to the smartphone through the SOOCAS application.

In the application, you can see the history of cleaning, set up your own mode and monitor the replacement of consumables. Soocas X5 is made according to the IPX7 protection standard, which means complete protection of the toothbrush from water and dust. So you can wash it directly under the tap. If you brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. Then a full battery charge is enough for 30 days of work. To charge, just install the brush in the charger and the process will begin.

Where To Shop

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Coupon Code: dhgate506

Related imageBuy Soocas X5 Sonic Electric Toothbrush For Just at $52.28


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