Sony’s new battery can extend iPhone 6s battery life to 4 Hours

According to Nikkei News, reported that Sony is developing a new battery. Instead of the previous and old batteries containing lithium, now Sony is creating a battery with a sulfur-containing compound. Another interesting point is that the battery capacity of Sony’s new battery is 40 percent more than the existing Li-ion batteries. The size of that new sulfur-containing battery will be 30 percent less as compared to the old one. If this battery is integrated to an iPhone 6s, the battery life can be extended to 4 hours while surfing.

What will be the impact of Sony’s new battery?

As we know that the size of the upcoming will reduce to 30%, this means that the phones packed with this battery will be slimmer as compare to the recent phones. As far as the batter life is concern, due to more capacity of the battery to store more energy, the battery life will surprisingly increase to a great extend. Moreover, a strong battery can easily provide the maximum performance out of a strong processor for a long time. Thus, more powerful processors can be used in phones in combination with Sony’s new battery.

But, sadly the Sony’s new battery will be carried by the phones after 2020. Surely there would be an iPhone 11 instead of iPhone 6s, at that time.

sony's new battery


Meanwhile, other manufacturers are also introducing innovative battery technologies to the world. Apple alleged British manufacturer which are introducing Intelligent Energy hydrogen fuel cell. This cell can increase iPhone’s battery life to one week. Huawei is developing a prototype battery. A battery that can charge about 50% of the battery in 5 minutes. Samsung’s newly developed Smartwatch battery timing can be extended to 50%. Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, developed a new type of lithium battery that can charge 70% of the battery in 2 minutes.

Hope that all these battery technologies releases soon and the world can get benefit from these amazing batteries.



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