Snore Circle Smart Bluetooth Anti Snoring Device Offered for $52.99

If you snore at night and you always feel embarrassed about it, this is an opportunity to feel good for the rest of your life as we introduce you to the Snore Circle Smart Bluetooth Anti Snoring Device. With this Snore Circle Smart Electronic Muscle Stimulator placed comfortably under the chin as you sleep, the sensors in the device will work to detect and collect snoring data which can be reduced using the anti-snoring. The Anti-Snoring device is can be used in many places, like in high-speed rail, airplanes, offices, long-distance rides, and other plots. You can also send friends as a present so that they can also enjoy the fun of technology.

Coupon code: 3ZCVTH1F use on Geekbuying and get the device for $53.99

The Snore Circle with the advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies precisely identify snoring sound, massage and stimulate the respiratory muscles to solve snore problems bring you healthy and quality sleep. When you turn it on, the snore circle will automatically enter the preset working mode, No age limited, easy to use.

The Anti-Snoring Device has 36 levels of physical intervention (automatic or controlled), no matter a slight snorer or a severe noisemaker will find this helpful. You can adjust the intensity and sensitivity of physical intervention by the cellphone App, or activate the snore-stopping delay function (It works after you fall sleepy) to personalize the product.

The Anti Snoring Device can be connected to your cellphone with Bluetooth technology, you can control the device and set up or adjust working modes on your phone with a special App. Download the Snore Circle APP and use it to see your snoring and sleep data. Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, your snore guard works continuously while you are sleeping, and Monitor your sleep mode.

The Snore Circle Smart Bluetooth Anti Snoring Device is currently available on Gearbest for $52.99 and on Geekbuying for $54.99 using Coupon code: 3ZCVTH1F

Coupon code: 3ZCVTH1F use on Geekbuying and get the device for $53.99



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