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Gadgets brings an impact on our daily life as far as possible. Among these gadgets are the smartwatches, enabling the remote use of phone without taking it out from your pocket. Indeed, it’s exciting to hear that smartwatches incorporates those features which are not present in a phone. This includes a heart rate sensor, a pedometer, a sedentary reminder and a sleep monitor. A few years back, these watches were not in the range of every person, exceeding a price tag of $200 and above. But, the arrival of Chinese watches saved the day. Thus, XiaomiToday is here to highlight some implausible deals of smartwatches enabling them to be in every person wrist. We are highlighting the important ones, but there are also others on the list. So, here we began:

Time is precious, so hurry!

Zeblaze Crystal, the most elegant one

First, heading to the most elegant Chinese watch, a younger brother of Apple. Meet Zeblaze Crystal, the world’s first smartwatch with Bi-color injection molding and a 1.54 inch, 3D curved display having a standard resolution of 240 x 240 pixels and a view angle of 150 degrees. It’s a rectangular watch with a stainless steel and a leather strap. Inside the watch is the MTK2502 chip and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and a surprising 72 hours standby. Moreover, the watch has rare features like a real-time heart rate monitoring and IP64 waterproof.


Thanks to the promotion, the price of this watch drops to only $48.99 USD. Truly, Zeblaze Crystal is the best among it’s kinds.

Zeblaze Cosmo, the traditional one

If you are interesting in buying a classical and vintage looking watch, we suggest you Zeblaze Cosmo. In simple words we want to say that this watch is the marriage of latest technology with the old traditions. A rectangular watch with a 1.6 inch, 3D arc screen and a resolution of 256 x 320 pixels. The strap is made of genuine leather and is 22 mm in width. The best thing is that it can be customized with different straps, on-screen clocks and is available in two colors.

Smartwatches (Cosmo Zeblaze)

Apart from this, the heart of the watch is the MTK2502C chip. The additional features includes a heart rate sensor, pedometer, magnetic charging etc. From the limited offer, the price of Cosmo is $56.99 USD.

Ulefone uWear, the simplest one

We know that Ulefone has a rich history of smartphones, but here comes it’s watch ‘uWear’ – the simplest. A perfect squared shaped watch with a 316L steel skeleton and a 1.44 inch, 2.5D screen. The other features includes notifications, pedometer, sleep monitor, music player, alarms, etc. It must be noted that this watch doesn’t have a heart rate sensorThe watch shows compatible with Android and iOS.

Smartwatches (uWear)

So, what’s the other fascinating thing of uWear, next to the simple design. Well, it’s the price of this watch. It is good to know that from the amazing discount the product is tagged for $19.99 USD.

SmartWatch U8S, the cheapest one

For those who want a low budget wearable and don’t want to miss any of the features of a smartwatch, we suggest the U8S watch. The terminal although has a rough design, Bluetooth 3.0 and isn’t the world’s best but believe us that is not all. The watch features sleep and water reminder, pedometer and remote camera etc.

Smartwatches (U8S)

Apart from this there is no heart rate sensor and is only compatible with Android 3.0 and above. But we can forget this, as the product is for a ridiculous price of $9.59 USD.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S, the best in performance over price ratio

Many gadgets releases at a same time but a few makes an impact on the market, Xiaomi Mi Band 1S is one among them. No doubt, we are talking about smartwatches, but 1S is not among them, making you surprise. It’s actually a smartband, but integrates features of a smartwatch.

Smartwatches (Xiaomi Mi Band 1S)

It’s the same as the previous band, but now with cardiac monitoring. We continue with no screen after the LED notification, vibration, sleep monitoring, pedometer, monitoring of physical activity, weight control , mobile notifications, alarm, etc. The best part is the 10 days standby of Mi Band 1S.

From the offers and discounts, the watch is priced about $18.99 USD. No doubt, the performance over price ratio has made Xiaomi Mi Band as one of the most selling bracelets on the planet in 2015. It’s still the best watch to date and XiaomiToday still recommends you, to buy this bracelets.

From where can I get these smartwatches for that price?

The offer is available on Gearbest from Jan 27 to Feb 3 (just 3 days left). We are providing the the link below to that page. Hurry! Don’t waste this one.



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