A Smartphone Controlled Water purifier from Xiaomi Reached India

The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has entered the Indian market with its newly-developed product in the home appliances category. The company has revealed a Smartphone Controlled Water purifier.

As per the company claims, the Water Purifier is the first of its kind that doesn’t need any professional installation and users can also control and monitor its status using their smartphone.

Similarly, the water purifier comes with a supportive design to mount it on the wall. Along with, you can also use the device by placing it on the surface.

Internally, Xiaomi has loaded the water purifier with three filters to purify the water in a total of 5 stages. Hence, you will get 100% hygienic and healthy drinkable water.

How Will It Work?

As per the demonstration of the working process of the water purifier by the company experts. The purifier has three filters inside to run the water through 5 stages.

The first 2 stages in the PPC filter will remove the visible and large size particles from the water. It may be residual chlorine, odor, and color etc. Further, the heavy metals and other organic materials will be removed through the reverse osmosis filter in the 3rd stage.

Smartphone Controlled Water purifier

The 4th stage will happen in the PAC filter, which will improve the taste of water by eliminating the odor and other impurities.

And in the final and 5th stage, the UV light works to kill the remaining viruses and bacteria in the water to ensure 99.9% water purity.

As per the connectivity concerns, Xiaomi claims the water purifier to be controllable via a smartphone. Smartphone Controlled Water purifier supports a mobile app on both Android and IOS platforms along with the Alexa and Google Home compatibility. The Mi Home App will help to monitor the water level.

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