Smartmi Small Smart Toilet Seat Announced at 1199 yuan ($189)

Xiaomi has brought the word of ‘smart’ to every product you can imagine. Now we are living in an era of smart … toilet seats. Last year, the manufacturer announced the first Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat. Thus it came our way from its sub-brand. But it was overpriced and many customers couldn’t afford themselves to get their hands on it. Today, on March 7 Xiaomi announced the smaller variant of this product named the Smartmi Small Smart Toilet Seat. It was launched at 1199 yuan (9). There are too many key features making this awesome product stand out. So let’s talk about each of them.

Smartmi Small Smart Toilet Seat

First, you should know it comes with a circle design. Everything is made of the highest quality and it provides a great feeling of comfort. So most likely, you will sit for a long time. But this is a ‘smart’ product, and once it passes 30 minutes, the toilet seat will beep to remind you of it.

Moreover, there are three adjustable water temperatures for washing. The hot water is supplied instantly. We knew this feature from the regular model. There is a special ceramic heating element that heats water and supplies it within seconds. This process can be implemented for a long time. Thus the duration of washing won’t affect the seat’s operation. Plus, the Smartmi Small Smart Toilet Seat provides a bidet-like experience with a way more energy-saver system than a thermal storage type.

Smartmi Small Smart Toilet Seat

There are sensors inserted into it that understand the way you sit and customize the optimum water temperature, seat temperature, and washing pressure according to it. This can be implemented manually as well. There is a control panel with physical buttons that allow you to make any operation you want. But if you are a Mi user than everything can be implemented via smartphones or smartbands. So if you wear the latter, it will automatically adjust the settings (cleaning location, water temperature, water intensity, etc.) that you have set.

At last, the Smartmi Small Smart Toilet Seat uses an antibacterial PP resin with an effective antimicrobial rate of 99.9%. So the risk of contact cross-infection is minimized.


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