[Smartband Deal] Xiaomi Amazfit A1603 at Unbelievable Price of $42.99 [Coupon]

Xiaomi’s own-made Mi Band 2 is the most popular smartband in the globe. It has sold millions of units since the date this model has been out. But we also know Xiaomi has myriads of sub-brands. Say, this company has not released a smartwatch yet. But it has launched the Huami Amazfit, which has managed to become one of the most popular smartwatches in China and not only. We have come in with a few reviews showcasing how amazing the Huami Amazfit is. But the name of this smartwatch was taken not accidentally. Earlier the manufacturer has released an interesting smartband dubbed as the Xiaomi Amazfit A1603. As the latter has got a huge price off, we decided to inform you the Xiaomi Amazfit A1603 is offered at only $42.99 at GearBest if applying the coupon (code: GBAPR168). Plus, it’s another chance to recall the key features of this amazing smartband.

Xiaomi Amazfit A1603

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The Xiaomi Amazfit A1603 is a smartband that can track anything you do and provide comprehensive data on it. Like other smartbands, it comes with a heart rate monitor, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor and many useful apps. Other than that it’s compatible with Android and iOS devices, so you can check the social media or text messages on it.

Xiaomi Amazfit A1603

As for the hardware and design, the Xiaomi Amazfit A1603 comes with an aluminum body of rectangular shape. There is an OLED touchscreen as well as a touch key for an easier use. This smartband is packed with an 8MB if built-in memory, 128KB of RAM, and 70mAh battery that can provide up to 20 days of life on a single charge that lasts 3 hours only. At last, as the Xiaomi Amazfit A1603 comes with an IP67 certificate, it’s clear we are dealing with a waterproof and dustproof model.

Though this is not the Mi Band 2, it still provides great performance and looks stylish. So do not miss your chance to get it for a discounted price tag of $42.99.


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