Top 3 Best Smart Collars And Tracking Devices For Cats

Cats are among the most intelligent ones we have as pets. However, most cat owners will be familiar with the struggle of keeping their furry friend within the confines of home. Our feline mates love to live life on their own terms. While they are intelligent enough to find their way back home after the stroll, at times they do get lost and go astray.

If you are bothered and tired of losing your cat every few days or simply worried about your cute ones whereabouts, it is time to get smart too. Smart collars and tracking devices have become smaller, smarter and can be fitted on the existing collars of your pet as well. There are collars that will not only does the job of tracking your kitten, but will also monitor the daily activity and let you maintain a healthy lifestyle for your pet.

Smart Collars

When it comes to pet supplies and technology to help our pets none of us like to hold back. Taking care of the nutrition of our little feline family member includes finding the best dry cat food 2017 to be given at a tender age. However, simply getting the best food is not enough. We need to ensure feeding on time even when we are not home. This leads us to buying the best automatic cat feeder for our kitten 2017.

But, how do we ensure that our little furry friend stays within the safety of home? Smart collars and trackers is the answer to this. However, paying the highest is not always the best choice. I have created a list of the top best smart collars and tracking devices for your cat. Check out our list and find the one that will best suit your purpose. I can assure you, every product listed here are best in terms of quality. However, at the end of the day, it is you who has got to make the decision.

Point to note: GPS trackers might include extra charge, either monthly or yearly, for the tracking service being provided. This is in addition to the existing price of the tracker.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

The Whistle GPS based pet tracker is smart, sleek and can be fitted to the existing collar of your pet. It fits in so conveniently that your little kitten won’t even feel that it is present there. The price is very much within budget of most. There is an additional tracking charge starting from $6.95 per month, which you need to confirm with the manufacturer before buying.

Whistle offers you peace of mind by ensuring that you can check your pet’s whereabouts at any point of time. It also allows you to set a safe perimeter for your cat to roam around. Straying out of this range will trigger alert notifications. Additionally, the tracker also acts as a health monitor for your pet. It informs you in case of any major change in the activity or sleep pattern of your pet. You will also be able to program a scheduler for upcoming shots and keep track of visits to the vet.

Note: Those who are yet unaware, Tagg devices are not working on the Whistle App.


  • Real-time tracking
  • Creating safe area for pet
  • Maintaining pet health details tracking and logging
  • Receive notification on demand
  • Multiple pet monitoring
  • 10 day battery backup
  • Waterproof and durable built


  • Whistle allows you to monitor a pack of your pets from one home screen.
  • Long battery backup gives you better chance at finding your lost pet.
  • Notification is received when absolutely necessary.
  • Fits into collar of almost any size.
  • It allows you to keep check on your cat’s daily activity and whereabouts.


  • The Whistle app is filled with bloatwares. However, not everyone will feel the same, especially those who love sharing every pet activity online.
  • The GPS at times malfunctions with the new version of the App, though it can be easily fixed.

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker – Smart Collars Tracker

Tagg is one of the oldest and most well-known brands of pet tracker manufacturer. The Tagg GPS pet tracker fits conveniently with almost all types of pet collars. It provides free tracking through mobile and web app. The app is available for both Android and iOS users. Custom notification alerts you whenever your cat leaves the user defined safe zone and you can track your pet anytime using interactive map.

Recent upgrades to the App now includes temperature monitor of your pet as well. This is good for those who fear that your pet might overheat or freeze due to weather.


  • Award winning real-time tracking of your pet with interactive map
  • Text and email alert as defined by user
  • User defined safe zone selection
  • App support for both iOS and Android
  • Tracking of daily activity and health stats


  • The award winning tracker offers real-time data through an interactive map.
  • It can easily fit almost all types of pet collars.
  • Health tracking allows you to check your pet’s daily activity and health too.
  • User defined alert system only provides alert in case of emergency.
  • Up to 30 days of battery life.
  • The price is affordable.


  • Free usage is for only first 3 months, though it is not mentioned clearly with the product.
  • Customer support is not up to expected standard.

Pawscout Smart Tag – Best Smart Collars

Unlike the previous ones, this one does not come with any monthly subscription fee and is extremely cheap. It is for those who have a hard time keeping their pet within the confines of the house and often have to track down the pet. The Pawscout smart tag is small and lightweight. It can be tied to the neck with any type of collar. The tag contains information about the pet stored in a microchip. Any mobile device with the Pawscout app can track the tag within 200 feet radius. With this you can even form a group of pet lovers in your community who will help you with tracking down of your lost pet with the help of the app. Since it is free to use, it can be used by anyone and everyone.

The device is being constantly developed. So we expect the shortcomings to be addressed soon. As of now, this will be a good virtual leash at very low rate, but not a fully functional tracking device.


  • Easy to use and fits into any collar; just 39mm round and 10.5mm thick
  • No monthly subscription needed
  • Can track within 200 feet
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • Pawscout app available on Android iOS app stores
  • Detailed profile with owner’s photo and description of the pets behavior and medical history can be stored on tracker


  • Pawscout can be used for free of cost for lifetime.
  • It comes in rubber coating and different colors and is water resistant with IPX7 certification.
  • Small and can be fit with the existing collar of any cat or dog.
  • It is extremely cheap.
  • App is available on both Android and iOS store and can be used by any person to help you track the device in 200 feet range.


  • You will not be able to track remotely from any location.
  • No web based PC app available yet.


We all love our pets. And, when it comes to supplies and devices for this special friend, there can be no compromise in terms of quality. These trackers will definitely help you keep better care of your pets and prevent any mishap from happening to the little one. For any GPS tracker-related issues, contact Garmin customer supportAfter all, their well-being is our responsibility. If you want to buy best Smartwatches 2017 and best tracker 2017 for you and your pet, let check it on Zenphone2 for more detail.



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