[Smart Cleaner Deal] Roborock Sweep One at $359.99 [Coupon]

The second-gen Xiaomi smart cleaner that is dubbed as the Roborock Sweep One is still the best offer in the market. The first gen-model has become very popular thanks to a great design, sweeping and moping functions, and innovative technologies coming out of the box. The second-gen model comes with fixed bugs and enhanced performance. So no matter how much it costs, this is the best robot vacuum cleaner we have ever seen. That’s why we recommend you to take a look at this deal. It is priced at $359.99).

Roborock Sweep One

We already mentioned the Roborock Sweep One comes with a list of enhancements. Now, it uses a new plant bionic wet drag system. This simply means it works in the same way as the growing plants. You can fix the water tank on the lower part of the cleaner, which wets the cloth for wiping the floor. As a result, this cleaner is capable of wet dragging for up to 45-60 minutes. The filter inside can automatically absorb water and always maintain adequate water content. You can also filter the impurities in the water. The filter with Teflon coating can be washed, it can be changed about once a year.

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Moreover, it continues the great performance based on lasers. It’s equipped with a self-developed high-precision LDS sensor that can scan the room at 5 x 360 ° / sec through an original SLAM algorithm. Thanks to this technology the cleaner builds a room map and plans a sweeping rout in real-time. This means the Roborock Sweep One decides for itself where from to start and what a path to follow for the most optimal cleaning. But if you don’t like its decision, you can also set the cleaning plan yourself via the APP. There is also a voice control feature, but unfortunately, it is available only for Chinese-speaking users.

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Generally, there are 13 sensors. The rangefinder has got closer to the center. This and other sensors allow the cleaner to circumvent obstacles, avoid steps, choose the most efficient route and quickly find a charging station. This cleaner also comes with an enhanced performance with a maximum suction of 2000Pa. The company has also optimized the wheel suspension system – now it can overcome barriers at the height of 2.0cm instead of the 1.5cm. The intelligent system can automatically increase the power of the motor when a carpet is detected. Finally, there is a battery with a capacity of 5200mAh put for 2.5 hours of work. It’s enough to clean 250sqm on a single charge.

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