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Smart and Green ambient night-light , starts with the cornerstone of meaningful connected tech: ease of use. In addition to providing color-changing light to illuminate darkened hallways, S&G’s device also have a remote function and can be remotely accessed and altered.

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There’s something earnest and charming about this product. Not the least of which is the fact that while its nightlight keeps your children safe from the imagined fears of the night, but it can also set their mood is a specific way, and can make them fall asleep very easily.

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Color-changing nightlight

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The light itself can be tuned to a wide-variety of colors. There is a matrix of RGB LED’s, making the color capability of the device to over 16 million options. Functionally, it certainly doesn’t feel like that, but the mechanic lets you pick your specific shade placing your finger on a color spectrum. Given the color changing smart LEDs out there, the mechanic isn’t ground-breaking, but it works well enough.

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Having to coax an occasionally grumpy, occasionally sleepy app to do what I want showed me the software needs a bit of work. The dimming also proved a bit limited, as small shifts didn’t produce any discernible results. I had to move a significant distance on the brightness scale to see any difference, though I liked the fact that you can control the brightness remotely, without even getting out of bed.

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The light itself illuminates the room effectively and pleasantly, and you can always get the color you want, eventually. The app issues dampen it, but the nightlight itself has plenty of charm.

Not just a cube

The S&G Nightlight is available in three different shapes, a ball, a cube, and a Trapezoid, which in itself is fascinating. However, it is not even the most surprising factor about this product; the whole device is water proof, which means, you can drop it in your pool or a jacuzzi and enjoy a show of lights, or create one with the remote function. The batteries last a very long time and will be able to get you through atleast a couple of nights. Although you can leave it plugged in, which will not only charge up the battery, but will always be ready to be unplugged and taken to a party.

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I liked the Smart and Green Nightlight, and look forward to seeing more advanced versions in the future. S&G’s product already has a strong base from which to build. The design is simple and pleasant. Changing the colors was fun, if occasionally glitchy. And I was charmed by the combination of the simple reassurance provided by a light in the darkness with the advanced technology needed to watch for something more serious.

If you want to buy one for yourself, you can click the button below which will take you to the purchase page. The device is currently on sale for just $49.99 USD, from the regular price of $239.99. Hurry up before the offer lasts.



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