Smart air conditioner, the new product launched by Xiaomi

The smart home revolution does not stop and Xiaomi remains ahead in the quest to improve the lifestyle of its users to the next level, introducing under the sub-brand Mijia a new smart air conditioner, compatible with the Mi Home mobile application and with the same pattern of intelligent products that we have already seen from the great Asian brand.

A few months ago, Xiaomi had already presented through SmartMi an air purifier, the Xiaomi Zhimi, and now takes this lineup to the next level with the presentation of this intelligent air conditioner.

Features of Xiaomi’s new smart air conditioner

Smart air conditioner

The new smart air conditioner has a minimalist design in white that will give a good touch to any environment where it is deployed. It is also a relatively small device compared to other products in the sector.

However, its size has a strictly aesthetic function, since the smart air conditioner shows its power when cooling or heating surfaces of up to 23 square meters in a matter of minutes.

The product has 3 modes of use, its balanced mode with which it will work at a power of 1700W, the average temperature mode that will take it to work at a power of 2200W, and finally, the low temperature mode that will take it up to 3840W of power, being a product of very good performance and useful to have a comfortable temperature in home, the office or any indoor environment that needs to adapt appropriately.

Synchronization through the Mi Home app

Smart air conditioner

The smart air conditioner generates a noise of 42dB, which is the equivalent to the noise generated by a refrigerator in good condition, for which it is considered that the product is quite silent and will not generate impediments for those who need tranquility in the place.

The air conditioner has a 6-year warranty, and if you live in China, you can include the assembly with the purchase of the smart air conditioner. Through the application Mi Home, you can synchronize and customize the use of the air conditioner in your home, as well as manipulate it from a distance, in addition, it does not waste unnecessary energy and is friendly with the environment, being a product of low consumption despite its excellent performance

The price of air conditioning is approximately 280 euros, and although its distribution is currently limited to China, we are likely to see them in the most recognized digital import stores, we will be on the lookout.

Source:  Xiaomi4mi

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