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Drone racing has become a hot topic in these days and it’s amazing. Today I am here with an incredible racing drone named SKYSTARS G730L. It has been designed mainly for racing purposes with the latest and advanced technologies. Its powerful hardware with user friendly control mode has made it a better option for racing purposes. In this article i will explain you everything about SKYSTARS G730L. So follow me if you want to get a complete SKYSTARS G730L review.

SKYSTARS G730L review: SKYSTARS G730L review

SKYSTARS G730L is a racing drone. Here in this article i will discuss its efficiency in racing backgrounds. You can use it like other normal drones, but it’s a better option only for racing purposes. Without any further due, let’s go check its design, appearance and main features.

Design And Appearance

At my first glance, it seemed to me SKYSTARS G730L has been designed smoothly and importantly, it has been designed in the proper way a racing drone should be designed. Let’s go in deep.

The surfaces of every part has been nicely designed and the whole body looks bright and attractive. You will find its appearance amazing with a well and clear finishing.

The long size wheelbase has been placed nicely. The camera has been placed in the front upper surface. There are enough arrangements to stabilize the camera in proper position. The battery and built in betaFlight OSD have been placed in the middle part.

Let’s talk about its weight. It has been designed in a proper way to keep the total weight as minimum as possible. Weight is a big fact as it is directly related to the speed of the drone. Every portion of SKYSTARS G730L is designed with the least possible weight and the total weight of SKYSTARS G730L is only 163g. As a racing drone, it seemed fine to me.

This is all about its design and appearance. There is nothing to tell about its design and appearance. You will find SKYSTARS G730L attractive and cool with  well making and smooth performance.

The Hardware

SKYSTARS G730L came with a high configured hardware system. You will see every part of SKYSTARS G730L is upgraded and powerful and its powerful hardware system made it a better choice.

It is made of 3k carbon fiber materials. Proper design with strong materials ensures its physical durability. The long wheelbase and thick plates made it a perfect racing drone. The wheelbase length is 300 mm.  It has been composed of 3Oz gold plated PCB. The arm plate thickness is 4mm and the top, bottom and side plate thickness is 2mm. The ultra-thick plates help to minimize the total weight to gain the highest possible speed of the drone.

It uses specialized Skystars 2306 KV1800 motors of race edition. This motor is designed to gain the highest speed with a smooth performance. It has four DP7056C 7 inch propellers. The propellers have been properly designed with a view to maximizing the speed of SKYSTARS G730L.

It has a powerful and strong battery. It uses 3.7 100mAh LiPo battery. The battery has anti slip pad which ensures the durability of the battery and prevents it from any unwanted situation.

SKYSTARS G730L seemed special to me mainly because of its powerful and advanced hardware components. This all an overall SKYSTARS G730L hardware review. I will discuss its other hardware components individually later in this article. Keep in touch.

Advanced and powerful flight controller

SKYSTARS G730L has Micro F4 Flight Control Board. It is an updated control board with MPU 6000 and STM32F405RGT6 CPU. The most amazing thing is you can flight your drone in various ways. It is a Dshot supported controller board. It supports Dshot1200 which the latest technology. It also supports Oneshot42, Oneshot125, Multishot, Dshot150, Dshot300 and Dshot600. The difference between SKYSTARS G730L and others is SKYSTARS G730L supports all analog and digital protocols like Dshot, Oneshot, Multishot where you won’t get all those protocols in one product at a time.

This high configured board can overcome communication errors and noise interference and you will enjoy a smooth flight. It has built-in betaFlight OSD to adjust PID and you can control your flight more precisely and easily. It supports signals from various types of receivers like SUBS / PPM / DSMX etc.

The flight controller is light and small in size. Its weight is only 7g with a dimension of 30.5 by 30.5 mm. This light and small controller enables you to control your drone easily and comfortably.

I found this flight controller incredible. This can be a reason you should buy this racing drone. This micro flight controller will amuse you certainly with its powerful configuration and amazing performance.

Upgraded light and small ESC

This is another important component of racing drone which indicates your drones performance and capability of smooth and precise flight. This is a motor placed in the propellers to control the speed of the drones. SKYSTARS G730L has  upgraded and powerful ESC system. It has STM32F051 BLHeli – 32 firmware which is the latest and most powerful ESC firmwares among the available ones in the market. This powerful ESC supports all digital and analog protocols like Oneshot42, Oneshot125, Multishot, Dshot150, Dshot300 and Dshot600, Dshot1200. It enables you to control your flight in a more secure and controlled way. You can control your flight speed more precisely when you are in a racing competition having 3D playground or whatever. Moreover, its lightweight and small size with top quality MOSFET enable more powerful and smooth flight with your desired high speed.

Powerful video transmitter with built in camera

It has a built in RunCam swift 2 model camera having powerful image sensor and video resolution. The camera has been nicely designed. It has a 2.3mm 150-degree lens and it has integrated OSD and MIC system. The camera has a good electronic shutter speed with AutoGain Control and Backlight compensation. You can access other functions like Day/Night Color and other modes.

It is a FPV transmitter enabled racing drone. It can transmit real time audios and videos into your smart devices or in a display. Though it’s a racing drone, its built in camera with integrated MIC system allows you to use in different purposes with its FPV transmitter. You can easily control your FPV flight with the micro flight controller and you can switch the audio flexibly with a microphone.

You will find this feature amazing for sure as you can record your total flight record easily with the FPV video transmitter and powerful camera.

Aluminum Heat Sink

This is another exciting feature of SKYSTARS G730L. It has Aluminum Heat Sink which checks your drone temperature. Temperature is a considerable parameter in case of racing drones. When you use your drone in racing purposes, it has to perform with a high speed and that’s the reason why the temperature goes high. SKYSTARS G730L’s Aluminum Heat Sink slow down the temperature rise during a high speed flight. If your drone temperature won’t check properly, its performance can be worse than expected. I think this heat sink of SKYSTARS G730L is an amazing feature and from my personal experience, it works properly and slows down temperature rise effectively.

Other function

You have already seen the exciting features of SKYSTARS G730L. Now let’s check some of its other exciting functions.

It has RGB LEDs. LEDs are important in drone flying and it helps controller to find out the directions accurately. In case of racing drones, it’s more important to find out the directions during a race competition or whatever. SKYSTARS G730L has RGB flash LEDs and you can easily setup LED system to flight your drone more easily.

It has powerful Pagoda 2 Antenna with a gain of 1.6dBi and 1.0 axial ratio. Its bandwidth is 5.5GHz – 6.0GHz with a radiation efficiency of 95 percent. This antenna works great as both transmitting or receiving antenna and it is compatible with other styles of 5.8GHz RHCP antennas. This powerful antenna ensures smooth communication between the drone and the micro flight controller.

Moreover, you will get one RC Drone, three Straps, one Anti-slip Pad, four Motor Nust and 8 Propellers with SKYSTARS G730L package.


SKYSTARS G730L is an excellent racing drone with proper design and high configured components. I found nothing negative here and the performance was amazing. Each of its components have been designed properly with advanced and the latest technologies. Easy and user friendly powerful flight control system will let you use this racing drone in a more comfortable way. If you are looking for a racing drone with satisfactory performance, then it’s a better option for you. Go give a try with SKYSTARS G730L now.

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