Skysper 2 Person Camping Tent Offered at $85.99

What to look for when you are going to buy a new camping tent? Surely, the market is full of plenty of different types of the tent and making a selection might be difficult. However, you should pay attention to the features that will allow you to enjoy the tent you are going to buy for many years. Take into account the number of people you are going to have a camping with and the weather of the place you are going to stay. The material, size and the type of poles of the camping tent are the most important features. In this sense, Skysper offers a fashionable and waterproof tent, namely the Skysper 2 Person Camping Tent with lightweight and its carrying bags, which is ideal for a friend or a couple who want to have adventures and some fun. At this moment, this amazing tent is offered at $85.99.

Skysper 2 Person Camping Tent


The Skysper 2 Person Camping Tent comes with a humanized design reminds of a triangle. It is very compact and at the same time offers a large space. The lightweight and easy set-up feature will make the process of camping even easier. The Skysper waterproof camping tent is ideal to build your camp both in the park, beach, in the mountains, etc.

Skysper 2 Person Camping Tent

Features and Specifications

The Skysper 2 Person Camping Tent is made out of polyester fabric – PU3000MM for outer tent, PU4000MM for the Bottom of Inner Tent. It can be used even during a heavy rain since it has double layers. It is also super waterproof (4000mmH2O) since each joint of the fabric is made of a waterproof material. It has double doors and an external extended door. The latter is for preventing your clothes and shoes from getting wet.

Skysper 2 Person Camping Tent

Featuring high resistance aluminum rod at an 8.5mm thickness makes the tent stronger, which helps it to resist the natural phenomena. It weighs only 2.4kg and comes in length of 46cm. Thus, it is lightweight and very compact.

Skysper 2 Person Camping Tent

The Skysper 2 Person Camping Tent comes with 2 inner pockets for storing your keys, smartphone, bags, etc. and 1 hook at the top. Here you can hang your camping lamp or the flashlight.

Setting up your camp will require for about 10 minutes from you if you follow the installation guide. It is very easy to set up even for 1 person.


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