SJRC F11 RC Drone: 5G Wifi, Photography UAV, For Just $146.99 On Gearbest

Using the GPS, the SJRC F11 Quadcopter can fly nice and quiet in position. And that works very well as expected. Both the height and the position keeps the F11 almost point accurately.

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The SJRC F11 has a 2500mAh 3-cell battery. So he can move the over 500 grams heavy Copter quite quickly without problems. By the way, a badge with name and address is necessary for this weight. The SJRC F11 can also be folded up so that it can be transported easily. This works well with the included packaging very fast and good.

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The SJ F11 camera is capable of shooting 1080p video but only at a maximum frame rate of 25 fps. The specs on the camera are largely unknown, but we would expect it to be a 2 MP camera. It does seem that the angle of the camera is adjustable so you can angle it downward 90-degrees if you choose. I expect the quality to be very similar to the C-Fly Dream. The video and images will stream to your smartphone via a 5G connection, so you will have to make sure that you have a compatible device. There is no gimbal or mention of electronic image stabilization so you will have to fly slow and steady to get good footage. Taking still images may be the way to go with this quadcopter. If you want to stabilize footage you’ll have to up your game and go for something like a DJI Spark.

The SJ F11 boasts an impressive flight time of 25 minutes. While I would expect closer to 20 minutes under most conditions that are still better than the 16 minutes you will get from the DJI Spark. The F11 does have a longer charge time of 3.5 hours and that does seem to be a limiting factor. You will definitely want to pick up extra batteries. The drone has a controlling range of 600 meters and a maximum FPV distance of 500 meters. If you want to see the video feed we’d recommend you stay closer. Most 5G connections really only are good up to 200 meters.

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